The Personal Side of Yoga

Yoga Six

by Yoga Six

In the last ten years the practice of yoga has gone mainstream. Contemporary devotees range from professional athletes and celebrities to high-powered execs and soccer moms, all of whom have embraced this multi-faceted physical and spiritual tradition. With over 20 million Americans now flocking to their yoga mats regularly, it is clear that it has fast become an increasingly important part of our culture.

While many are initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits – increased strength and flexibility, reduced stress, improved concentration and chronic pain management – yoga is more than a physical practice. If you land in a class before a skillful teacher, it’s almost guaranteed your life will take some major shifts as you cultivate a deeper self-understanding and expanded awareness. These changes are not limited to your body and will extend to your relationships, thoughts, actions and the way you move through the world.

Once you’ve decided to do yoga the next step is selecting a studio. While most studios have beginner level classes that focus on core postures and alignment, all studios are different and there are many styles of yoga. What are you looking to achieve in your yoga practice? Do you want to relax, reset and take a break from the over-stimulated world in which we live? Or are you looking to sweat your way to greater health?

Paramount to the style or the studio is the quality of the teacher. Like finding the perfect date, finding the right teacher can make all the difference between whether you love yoga or never do it again. Ask around for recommendations and try as many classes and instructors as necessary. Above all, let it be an exploration instead of a burden. Once you’ve found your home and a teacher to guide you, relax into the flow of breath and movement and enjoy the bounty of benefits that yoga offers.

Neighboring Forest Park, Yoga Six is an upscale studio offering heated and non-heated classes for students of all levels. Stop by the studio or visit them online at www.yogasix.com to sign up for a FREE 6 Class Card. Yoga Six is located at 5724 Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110. To learn more, give them a call at 314-802-7447.