The Flowering of Peace: 27th Annual World Peace Day Celebration, Dec. 31, 2012

World Peace Day 2012
by Jeannie Breeze

Breathlessly we await the shift of energies so long anticipated in this year 2012. I find myself remembering my all-time favorite hand-made sign on the walls of Cloud Hidden Herbs, my little shop in the Central West End, 1976-82: “Blessed are the READY, for THEY SHALL GET TO GO!” So, are you ready? It’s time…time to realize Heaven on Earth! How magnificently we will celebrate the 27th annual World Peace Day, at 6 am, December 31, in this monumental moment! Once again, Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman (at Kingshighway), St. Louis 63108, graciously opens its “Sukkat Shalom” for this Universal Faith Service, which is FREE and OPEN to ALL!

Come be a part of “The Flowering of Peace” as we thrill to the talents of chantress Margaret Waddell, to the chants and musical musings of flutist/saxophonist RAVEN WOLF C. Felton Jennings II, to the guitar and vocals of local favorites Brian Clarke and Tim Mead, and succumb to the magic of Robert Fishbone’s percussion and spoken word. We always love the warm welcome by Rabbi Randy Fleisher, and we are powerful as we journey together into the space of the heart during the meditation. JOIA amplifies the celebration with their amazing World Percussion. And, of course, we look forward to the potluck breakfast that follows the service. (no pork, please!).

Doors open at 5:15 so you can enter the sanctuary for silent prayer and meditation. Early arrival is recommended to secure parking at the CRC lot or the lot across the street at the Unitarian Church. CRC is handicap accessible. Volunteers are needed Saturday, December 29, from 1-5 pm to help with luminarias, venue decoration & breakfast prep, and at 4:45 a.m., Monday morning to light the luminarias & complete breakfast preparations.

We welcome your financial support of this event. You can still buy a program listing to let others know that you support peace and planetary healing. Please visit the InnerMission for World Peace World Peace Day web site at www.wpdaystl.com to see how you can support this event. Donations of any amount are welcomed now and at the event. Peace be with you. Peace, love & healing to all beings!

For more information contact event organizer Jeannie Breeze at 314-601-3789 or by e-mail at jbreeze46@aol.com. See back cover of this issue for more World Peace Day information.

Jeannie Breeze is a full-time, free-lance evolutionary agent, who has been a part of organizing this event in St. Louis since its inception in 1986. She is available on a individual or group basis as a “Celestial Guide”, offering spiritual counsel, intuitive energy work & guided meditations.