Quarantine Iowa: Global Whining on Parasites

By Simon Yu, MD

People from Iowa are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Most of them are from Northern European descent and they seem always down to earth, polite, and considerate. Most of them were directly or indirectly related to farming and raising animals in one form or another. If you drive through Iowa, you will be passing through corn fields after corn fields. Many people from Iowa drive through corn fields to St. Louis to see me in desperation for a second opinion.

Some of them have already gone to the Mayo clinic and were told there is nothing wrong with them. The most advanced western science based diagnostic testing and evaluations done at Mayo clinic did not help them. They may have been told, “Maybe it is in your head.”, and are then recommended for a psychiatric evaluation.

I have been wondering for many years, “What is in the corn fields that make people from Iowa mysteriously get sick?” Is it corn or something else? The best western science could not detect what is hiding in the corn fields. Are there some unknown entities affecting people in Iowa?

If you have been reading my articles, you may guess where I am leading. I am not talking about genetically modified corn or crop circles in the corn fields. I am talking about parasites. People from Iowa understand the importance of parasite detection and eradication for their animals and pets but they never thought that parasites might be making them mysteriously sick.

After my initial history taking, physical examination, and acupuncture meridian assessment, I tell the patient, looking straight at them, “You drove seven hours to simply be de-wormed.” They look at me like a deer looking into headlights at night on the road.
Almost every patient I evaluate from Iowa seems to need parasite medications. Sometimes I tell them people from Iowa need to be quarantined or “Quarantine Iowa.” Most of them laugh it off in amusement at the joke and say he/she is using the same parasite medications as their pigs, horses, dogs, and cows.

Wisconsin is not much better either. I attended a parasite conference several years ago and one of the speakers was talking about how she was able to detect Schistosoma parasites from the snails in a lake of Northern Wisconsin. You expect to find Schistosoma parasites in the Nile River in Egypt not in Wisconsin.

The speaker was addressing global warming and discussed how global migrations might be the cause of the dissemination of parasites. By the way, most of parasitologists at the conference were Ph.D.s. and working for the government or academic teaching institutions. They might be experts on their particular parasites but they have little clinical experience in terms of how to recognize the symptoms and to treat. Incidentally, people from Wisconsin started showing up in my clinic for their mysterious illnesses.

Parasite infestation is truly a global epidemic problem. Parasites speak many languages as signs and symptoms. Parasites have evolved with mankind and become a part of ourselves, perhaps even encoded in our DNA. Most medical doctors still think parasites are only for third world countries but not in the United States. This is a tragic mistake in our medical profession.

Lab tests for parasites are simply not reliable. Absence of proof of parasites in the stool test or blood test does not mean we do not have parasites. Parasites are stealth invaders, too evasive to be detected by modern standard laboratory methods.

If we have to declare a War on Parasites, we cannot win this war reliant on conventional medicine and its thinking. We need to think in terms of Unconventional Warfare. Asymmetric Warfare is a new modern military buzzword for unconventional warfare. We need to think of parasites as an asymmetric threat. I have written many articles specifically on parasites. I have warned that parasites may be one of the major underlying causes of unexplainable medical and mental illnesses.

How do we raise our consciousness about the dangers of parasites as most of us are already infected with parasites? Perhaps, parasites do not want to spread and reveal the information about them? Could they actually control our conscious mind and engage in psychological warfare?

Of course, quarantining Iowa will not solve the parasite problem. I was just kidding. What we need is a global warning system for the dangers of parasites, educate the public, and train medical professionals on how to counteract and eradicate parasites with unconventional strategies. If we do not initiate a radical reform in medicine, I am afraid the global warning of parasites may turn into a global whining on parasites.

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