A Garden’s Holiday Wish List

story & mandala art by Linda Wiggen Kraft

If gardens could talk, they might have holiday wish lists too. Most of these gifts don’t cost money — just time, attention and a change in perspective. Isn’t this what we all want from those we love. Here are the things gardens would like, from their perspective.

Know Me For What I Am. I am more than beautiful decoration. I am a piece of mother earth, that nurtures and sustains life. Please let me fulfill that role. Let me grow beauty that feeds your soul, but at the same time honors the eco-system I am part of. Let me grow food that feeds humans, birds, bees, insects, microorganisms and the soil itself.

Invite My Friends Into My Home & Nurture Them. A garden is not plants alone. It is the soil, that which lives in the soil, the insects that pollinate, the birds that sing, the humans who enjoy and take care, the sun, the moon, the winds, and all the parts that make up a garden. This village of life works together. Know me for all my parts and invite us all into the garden home.

Some of my dearest friends are those that have lived in this part of the world the longest. These native friends are the plants, insects and birds that have grown up together over eons of times. They nurture and depend on each other for survival. You don’t just plant a native plant, the whole community comes to live in your garden too.

Break Bad Habits, Keep Us All Healthy. Humans need healthy food, so do gardens. Junk foods for gardens are the chemicals that are toxic for not only garden pests, but are also toxic for all life. The garden junk food addiction is really just a bad habit that can be broken. Often lawns are the worst addicts. Lawns and all parts of a garden can be cared for organically. As a gift to me, spend the winter months learning how to nurture and feed all parts of a garden with mulches, composts, organic fertilizers, earth friendly organic pesticides and sustainable ways of gardening.

Love Me & Let Me Love You. I am here to bring beauty and food that nurtures body and soul. My hope is that your heart will be opened when you spend time within my garden space. My soil absorbs your joys and sorrows, helping you on your journey in life. I am here to be a companion. The love I feel from you nurtures all the life inside and beyond the garden walls and helps all gardens grow. The poet Kahlil Gibran says it best: “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play in your hair.”

Linda Wiggen Kraft is a landscape designer, mandala artist, photographer and meditation teacher. Her work can be seen on her website and blog: www.CreativityForTheSoul.com.