The Risk of Breast Cancer

It is one of the most feared diseases a woman can get, yet the subject is very complex and controversial even among medical professionals. There are many aspects to breast health and breast cancer, each with different points of view. More women are getting breast cancer and they are getting it at younger and younger ages. Most breast cancers occur in women with no known risk factors. How can you find peace of mind?

There are many ways all women can decrease their risk. One problem is that women tend to take care of everyone except themselves. The state of your general health and how well your immune system is functioning are your strongest defenses against any disease. To quote Dr. Thomas Hudson, MD., author of “Journey to Hope”, “Prevention knows no boundaries.”

Prevention of all disease starts with a good diet and regular exercise. Life style changes are not easy but there is no supplement or prescription to replace these two major factors of good health. Eliminating your exposure to toxins where possible is another factor. Science has proven that we must also nurture our emotional and spiritual needs to remain in good health.

Western medicine is very good at fighting disease but we are on our own to bridge the wide gap between western medicine and preventive health or alternative therapies. Screening for early detection saves lives and mammography has saved many lives. Yet this screening is not effective for all women. Adding thermography as a complimentary tool to mammography offers a 98% success rate for early detection. The two tests are very different and give different information, so the combination offers the most information available. Mammograms “see” structure, like tumors. Thermograms “see” physiology, such as vascular activity, inflammation and lymphatic activity.

Thermography is the only test that can detect a problem early enough to reverse the disease without surgery or radiation. It offers breast “health” information.

More information can be found in Dr. Christine Horner’s book, “Waking the Warrior Goddess”.

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