Over 50, or any age? You can feel good, look great and have the best sex of your life!

Cathy Break

Unlock the secret. All it takes is balancing two little hormones. American medicine, along with the food and drug companies, has a love affair with the hormone estrogen. Doctors prescribe it like candy with women from the age of sixteen on up with birth control pills (which are normally made with estrogen). Then when a woman goes into menopause they prescribe estrogen again with the horse urine drug, Prempro and Premarin. Pre-packaged, canned, boxed, and many frozen foods have preservatives which once eaten become hormone mimickers once again increasing the estrogen load of the body. This overloading of estrogen or unbalancing of hormones is called estrogen dominance which is the cause of over fifty ailments including ovarian, cervical, prostate (for men), and breast cancer. Excess estrogen causes a woman and even men to feel horrible, cause excessive weight gain, and lose sex drive. I personally feel it is the main cause of the overweight and obesity problem we are having here in America. However with some simple knowledge you can learn how to balance your hormones easily, safely, (without the use of dangerous expensive pellet hormones) and live a healthy, happy, and sexy life. In “Feel Good, Look Great, and Have the Best Sex of Your Life,” I describe in ten easy steps how to balance your hormones by understanding the definition of estrogen dominance, which medical professionals will help you, (trust me it’s not your Obgyn), which tests to take, and the six major causes that increase your estrogen load. In ten easy steps you will learn to feel fantastic, manage your weight, improve your hair, skin, and nails, prevent PMS, headaches, fibrocystic breasts, depression, and many other ailments. You will also learn that balancing your hormones is the number one way to prevent deadly cancers like ovarian, cervical, prostate, and even breast cancer. Yes, you can prevent deadly cancers. This may be the most important book you will ever read!

Cathey Break R.N.B.S. author will have a booth at The Healthy Planet Expo on October 14th and will be signing copies of her new book, “Feel Good, Look Great, and Have the Best Sex of Your Life.” All the profit from this book will go towards the building of a rescue and adoption facility in Jefferson County Missouri. Currently Jefferson County has no humane society or any ability to help homeless animals at this time.