A St. Louis Micro, Artisan Coffee Roaster

Peter Cohen, Owner of Stringbean Coffee Company

Hi, my name is Peter Cohen, I am the owner and roaster at Stringbean Coffee Co. For me, roasting coffee started as a hobby to cure my thirst for bold, non-bitter coffee. I had a good job, though wingtips and preppy banker ties don’t compare to my new wardrobe of hats or do-rags and concert T’s. Now I have a better job, I love roasting coffee and getting out in the community and talking coffee with folks. I refer to myself as micro and artisan as my roaster is small, under the twenty-five pound bar (it’s actually less than half that), it has no fancy gizmos and is a non-computerized good ol’ drum roaster. My roasts are recognizably close but not identical each time, kind of like jazz (which also is best enjoyed with close friends). I very much like being a St. Louis micro artisan coffee roaster and having my hands in all aspects of Stringbean Coffee.

Coffee is more than a drink… it warms your hands when holding a porcelain mug, it warms the heart when shared with a friend over conversation, it warms the body on a cold rainy morning and gives you the energy to get moving (or, and stay moving). Coffee brings people from all walks of life together to share and enjoy.

I roast my own unique blends as well as single origin coffee’s. When possible I use Fair Trade Certified and organically grown coffee beans. I roast as needed as well as to order. Ideally, you are drinking coffee that’s only a few days up to a few weeks old. To add to the goodness in your cup I recommend grinding the coffee before each use, using cold, filtered water and keeping the coffee at room temperature in an airtight container.

Please stop by one of these great locally owned stores to buy a bag of Stringbean Coffee:
City Music, Freddie’s Market, Greene’s Country Store, Holland Café & Meats, Kakao Chocolate (Maplewood), Kenrick’s Meats, Ladue Market, Local Harvest, Mannino’s Market, Maude’s Market, Parker’s Table, Windcrest Dairy Farm Store, Winslow’s Home, World’s Fair Emporium at The Porch.

Try a muddy French press, a perfect pour-over or a nice espresso, they’re all good. However you drink your coffee, freshly roasted is best!

I’ll be at the Healthy Planet Expo, October 14th, stop by early for a sample, I’d love to chat with you.

Peter Cohen,
owner/roaster, Stringbean Coffee Co., www.stringbeans.net,