Who Peed in the Tub

by Dr. Althea Eller

When I am not at the office being a physician, time is consumed with my 3 small children. Just the other evening, all three were washing in the oversized tub. I heard my oldest say, “I think someone peed in the tub”. I went through the rounds of questioning. “Was it you?”“Was it you?” In the end, it didn’t really matter who did it. Everyone had to get out. The water they were sitting was dirty and no longer would clean them off.

Latest clinical research in the development of disease and cancer is focused on the cellular environment. In essence, this is the “tub” that your cells are sitting in. Ideally, you want your cellular environment to be the best place for the cell to thrive, provide nutrients and promote growth and repair. With a clean cellular environment, even a cell that has a genetic marker or tendency for a disease, has the best chance for health.

Research is strongly indicating that it is not the gene itself that brings out the expression of disease. Rather, it is the environment that the genetics are exposed to. Getting to the cellular level of the human body, we are talking about the cellular matrix. The matrix is a web-like structure that provides nutrients to access to the cell and allows for growth and healing.

In practice, I have found several things that seem to impact the health of this cellular matrix. There is one thing in particular that you can monitor and treat to keep your cellular environment clean. Check your pH. Check it regularly and keep it in a healthy range. The best way to monitor your pH is with urine pH strips. Do not do your first urine of the day as it will be very concentrated. Strive for your pH to be between 6.4 and 6.8. If you are vegetarian, it is normal for your pH to range more around 7. Achieve a healthier range by increasing greens in your diet and reducing stress. Homeopathic nat phos has also been shown to raise pH levels if you are on the acidic side.

Keep your tub clean and you will have a step up on your health! Wishing you the blessing of health and happiness!

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