Healthy Planet Happenings

September 1
1 – 2 PM. This exciting new program offers visitors a chance to dive deeper into dinosaur diets and make a cast of a real dinosaur tooth. The program is fun for kids, families, and adults. Tickets are $5 per person and space is limited so be sure to get tickets today! LOCATION: Fossil Prep Lab on Lower Level of Science Center *Some age restrictions may apply. For more information and to purchase tickets, call 314.289.4400.

September 1 & 3
Building a GMO-Free Midwest
Airs on KNLC Channel 24 09/01 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 09/03 at 8:00 p.m. GMO Free Midwest (September 16–17) will be the St. Louis portion of Occupy Monsanto. Barbara Chicherio and Daniel Romano review topics to be covered at Occupy Monsanto and remind viewers of the September 9 Pesto Feast. Safe Food action footage by Chris Bruemmer and Robin Bell.

September 7-9
This event is hosted by a group of families and scouting enthusiasts who are creating an ethical and inclusive scouting group for boys and girls to teach outdoor skills and earth stewardship. We will offer both overnight camping and a Saturday day-only outing. We plan to charge $25/person for those camping in tents and $10/person for those joining for the day-only experience on Saturday. Those costs will cover tent camping, food and activities (hiking, outdoor skills and crafts). For more info or to RSVP contact Ellen Wilson (efwilson6@hotmail.com, 314-221-8418). This event is open to the public, all children attending the September outing must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

September 8
The First Annual Grapes and Drapes Event
7-10 pm. Enjoy a night with licensed massage therapist from the STL area! Have a glass of wine, share stories, re-connect with long time friends and make new ones too.
Do you have a signature move in your massage? A favorite “trick”? Show it off in our friendly massage move competition! Not the exhibitionist? Just enjoy watching and pick up a new technique or two! A brief presentation will be made and information will be available about the new and exciting Professional Association – Networking Group for LMTs and LMT students in the St. Louis area. Cocktail / casual dress – no togas required! Sponsored by The BLOOM Connection. Check us out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/TheBloomConnection/
Please RSVP to Dana@thebloomconnection.com for the address of the event and more information on our organization. This is a free event, open ONLY to licensed massage therapists and students currently enrolled in a massage therapy program.

September 8
Volunteers needed for 9/11 Day of Service & Remembrance
On Saturday, September 8, from 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. United Way of Greater St. Louis is seeking more than 1,000 volunteers to participate in the 9/11 Day of Service & Remembrance. United Way has planned multiple projects throughout the metro area to pay tribute to the victims and courageous heroes of the 9/11 attacks. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this day of service, including groups, families and individuals. Those interested in volunteering can contact United Way at 314-539-4298 or remember@stl.unitedway.org. For additional information, please visit www.stl.unitedway.org/stlremembers.aspx.

September 8
Family Science Saturday
11 – 12 PM. Join us for a fun hands-on workshop for the whole family! On every second Saturday of the month, stop by the Science Center for family friendly workshops and special behind the scenes experiences. Every month we will have a different topic. Space is limited so sign up early! For more information call 314.289.4400.

September 8 & 10
Who’s Giving your Kids Food that Rats Won’t Eat?
Airs on KNLC Channel 24 09/08 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 09/10 at 8:00 p.m. In his speech “Everything You Have to Know about Genetically Modified Foods,” Jeffrey Smith documents that rats are one of several species refusing food routinely given to children. Host Don Fitz and guest Daniel Romano discuss claims of food safety.

September 9
22nd Pesto Feast Plans
for GMO Free Midwest see article on page 16.

September 10
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of acupressure wherein you “tap” on acupuncture points to relieve symptoms. This free class provides you with a take-home technique you can use to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. Kim Archer is a skilled presenter who can help with the toughest cases. Classes to be held at Community Acupuncture of St Louis, 2006 South 39th Street, STL, 63110. RSVP to 314-772-4325. Learn more at www.acustl.com, and click on “Other Services”.

September 11
Free Class, Reduce stress and free your mind with EFT and Psych-K
The Healing Center is pleased to welcome a very special guest, Lucy Moorman of Lightworks Energy Therapy. Lucy will be giving us an information session and workshop that will touch on two powerful techniques, EFT and Psych-K, which are forms of energy therapy. Energy Therapy addresses emotional energy that is the result of negative thinking and beliefs. EFT quickly dispels negative thoughts and feelings and clears the way for new insights. Psych-K works by working to balance the brain hemispheres and neutralize negative beliefs. Tuesday, 9/11 at 7pm at The Healing Center, 734 DeMun Avenue in Clayton. The class is free, but registration is required. Call 314-727-2120 or online at www.HealingSTL.com.

September 11
Integrating Alternative Medicine with Conventional Medicine
FREE Monthly Seminar and Discussion – Integrating Alternative Medicine with Conventional Medicine – Learn how to build your immune system and take charge of your health. If you are suffering from chronic conditions, you’ll learn why you don’t have to live with your “incurable” symptoms anymore. Topics covered include: Cancer, Heart Disease/Stroke, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Nutrition, and many more. You should come to this discussion also if you feel, “My Doctor said everything is fine! Then why do I feel so lousy?” Second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm at our healing clinic – Prevention and Healing, Inc., Dr. Simon Yu, M.D., Board Certified Internist, 10908 Schuetz Road, St. Louis, MO 63146, Weaving Internal Medicine with Alternative Medicine to Use the Best Each Has to Offer. Call to verify meeting date; seating is limited, arrive early, 314-432-7802. See patient success stories at www.PreventionAndHealing.com.

September 13
Free Class — All About Detoxification
Let’s talk about Deep Cleaning – for the body. There are many products, books and internet sites related to detox plans, but they seldom contain the answers to two vital questions: How do I know if I need to detox? And, how do I know when I am done? You will learn a little about methods of cleansing; juicing, fasting, elimination, etc. You will also receive a little background information about our group detoxification programs coming this fall. Come learn about real “clean living” with Dr. Gould! Thursday, September 13th, 7-8:30 pm at The Healing Center, 734 DeMun Avenue in Clayton. The class is free, but registration is required. Call 314-727-2120 or register online at www.HealingSTL.com.

September 15 & 17, 2012
Green Revolution: Promise or Peril?
Airs on KNLC Channel 24 09/15 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 09/17 at 8:00 p.m. Is it fair to compare pesticide use with drug addiction? Don Fitz, James Meinert and Paul Krautmann discuss cultivated plants interact with their living and non-living surroundings. Footage from “Nicotine Bees” includes interviews with Douglas Tallamy and Dr. Vandana Shiva.

September 18
Connecting Your Health
Between Your Teeth and Body
FREE Monthly Seminar and Discussion. Connecting Your Health Between Your Teeth and Body. You may not realize it, but your teeth and gums may be making you ill or weakening your immune system. Hidden infections. Unresolved illness. Find out what may be happening between your teeth and body and what to do about it. Discover how infection and illness transfer between the teeth and body. Understand how biological dentistry focuses on your overall health. Learn about what dental materials are compatible with wellness, mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings,the impact of dental procedures, how certain dental procedures can influence your body, and nutritional therapy that supports a healthy mouth. Third Tuesday Each Month, 6:30 pm at the Holistic Dentistry office of, and presented by, Dr. Michael Rehme, D.D.S., C.C.N. (Certified Clinical Nutritionist), 2821 N. Ballas Rd, Suite 245, St. Louis, MO 63131. A Healthy Choice for Dental Care. Call to verify seminar date and reserve your space at 314-997-2550. See Patient Success Stories at www.toothbody.com.

September 18
Free Monthly Wellness Support Group
Come and enjoy an evening of fellowship, learning opportunities in Medical Spiritual Information and exercises to strengthen your journey in managing your plan of care and treatment. Support Group Leaders: Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. and Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, M.Div. When: Third Tuesday each month (with an occasional exception) at 6:30 pm. at our healing clinic, Prevention and Healing, Inc., Dr. Simon Yu, M.D., Board Certified Internist, 10908 Schuetz Road, St Louis, MO 63146, Weaving Internal Medicine with Alternative Medicine to Use the Best Each Has to Offer. Call to verify meeting date, 314-432-7802. For more information, read the article on our web site at www.PreventionAndHealing.com titled “New Medicine, New Biology: Spiritual Wellness, Spiritual Assessment, and Spiritual Care.”

Community Outreach Evening
7:00-9:00pm. A Gathering Place Massage School offers an evening of relaxation and bodywork, including Chair Massage, Asian Healing Arts, Energywork, Metal Singing Bowls, and much more! This event is free! Held at 12061 Dorsett Road, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. Contact us at 314-739-5559 or www.agatheringplace.com.

September 22
7:00 – 9:00 pm. Discover a small, versatile group of herbs and essential oils that can be your natural home medicine cabinet. Being ready in advance and knowing how to use what is on hand is a cost effective and comprehensive way to take care of the common minor discomforts that happen in our daily lives. Cost: $25. Held at Cheryl’s Herbs. Visit www.cherylsherbs.com. Please call in advance for a reservation 314-645-2165.

September 22 & 24
Genetically Engineered Trees?
Airs on KNLC Channel 24 09/22 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 09/24 at 8:00 p.m. Host Don Fitz and guests Claudia Henriquez and Daniel Romano ask whether GE trees are a blessing or curse and explore how frivolous use of GE can result in an industry driven by greed rather than ecology.

Setpember 29
Green Homes Great Health Festival
see story & ad on pages 4-5

September 29
Family Med School Basics: Lungs and Respiratory System
1:30 – 3:30 PM LOCATION: Life Science Lab at the Science Center. Come and spend an afternoon with medical students and researchers from Washington University Medical School. Learn about human anatomy and physiology, as well as diseases and ways to stay healthy. Each session is limited to 40 participants. Parents must accompany their children, 5th grade and older. More info at slsc.org.

September 29 & October 1
Airs on KNLC Channel 24 09/29 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 10/01 at 8:00 p.m. Dr. Marti Crouch describes differences between traditional crops, hybridization and genetic engineering. She explains that terminator technology was developed to make seeds sterile so that farmers would be prevented from saving their seed and be dependent on seed companies each year.

September 29, 2012
Pet Health & Wellness Fair with Micro Chip Clinic.
Microchip Clinic only $20 which benefits Gateway Pet Guardians, Pet Adoptions, meet natural and holistic pet food experts plus get free samples and special savings. Pet behavior question – Ask the Trainer plus $10 nail trims, dog games, register to win prizes and more. Cost: FREE! Four Muddy Paws – The Healthy Pet Market, Edwardsville, IL 62025. (618) 692 – 4729. www.fourmuddypaws.com.

September 30
St. Louis Rams 3rd Annual Green Game
Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams. Sunday, 12 p.m. The Rams will host a Green Game on September 30, 2012 against the Seattle Seahawks. As a part of this game, they will offset 100% of the electricity used at the Edward Jones Dome as well as offsetting Seattle Seahawks team travel to and from St. Louis and fan travel to and from the Edward Jones Dome using carbon offsets. They will highlight the importance of sustainability throughout the game with a Green Expo in Baer Park prior to the game and in-game features throughout.