Your body is talking to you: Recognize and Heal The Pain

by Carolyn Baker
Transformational Healer

I find that people with busy schedules who don’t have time to think about themselves are the ones who ignore the pain until they can’t move. Most people with this lifestyle come to see me with complaints like, “I have had the headache for about a week”, or “My back has been sore and it is really beginning to bother me and exercise just doesn’t seem to help”. I have heard this statement twice since I have been healing, but lately I have heard it at least a dozen times. “While driving in traffic, “my tongue feels like it is too big for my mouth”. This is typical of stress and anxiety and it takes 5 minutes to get rid of this.

Other common afflictions I often work with are carpal tunnel issues, neck pain, not being able to catch one’s breath, shoulder pain, inability to lift arms past a certain point, long term headaches, numbness, sharp pains that come and go.

Recently, it has come to my attention that people are not being touched by their health care professionals. The doctors do very little touching if any. There are machines to relax you, there are machines that rub you or roll up and down your back, but the human element is being phased out. Now when people have pain, they use a pill to mask the pain and a machine to help relieve the pain. When people come to see me and I ask them, “ How long have you had all this pain?” Their typical answer is, “What pain? I don’t have any pain”. I show the person by touching where I observe the pain and the answer I usually get is, “It didn’t hurt till you touched it”. I didn’t create the pain by touching the body, it rests within the body waiting for someone to help, recognize it, and heal it. Another statement I get is, “I thought it hurt because I am getting older.” I am here to tell you that getting older does not mean your body breaks down.

There are many care takers in our society who take care of everyone else and totally ignore themselves because they care more about others. The care takers need a lot of help but will never ask for it. Please, if you know of any care takers, whom you love, please give them a break and help them experience some bliss. Have them call or better yet, you bring them because they are worth it.

For the next three months I am going to start a unique fee structure. My fees are going to be what you can afford to pay. I want to show people there is a better way of living. Once people realize their bodies are talking to them, people may start paying attention to their bodies. Start today by loving yourself enough to call me and let me work with you to alleviate your physical problems using my unique healing methods. If we start following our hearts in all ways, we would find ourselves feeling much better physically and emotionally.

Carolyn Baker is a Transformational Healer with over 17 years experience in the healing arts field. Contact Carolyn at 314-249-6119 or Carolyn.baker44@yahoo.com to learn more about living better.