White Roofs Are Green, Energy-Efficient & Cool!

White Roofs Are Green, Energy-Efficient & Cool!

White Caps, Green Collars LLC is making St. Louis an even cooler place to live! Established in April 2009, we’re a local, woman-owned business devoted to painting flat roofs white in order to save energy and money, create green-collar jobs, and make our community and environment healthier and more sustainable.

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White Caps, Green Collars has been featured to date in a front-page story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on KMOV-tv, in The Healthy Planet, Repair-Restore-Remodel magazine, and the South City edition of the Suburban Journals. Founder Jill Miller was named a Regional Clean Air Partnership “Clean Air Success Story” in 2010. She and the company are featured in a new textbook for high school students, Entrepreneurship: Ideas in Action, 5th Edition, by Cynthia L. Greene. The textbook has been distributed to schools from Massachusetts to Florida to California.

White Caps, Green Collars follows eco-friendly practices, such as donating empty, leftover 5-gallon paint pails to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. As a growing small business, we’re grateful for the support of the BEGIN New Venture Center, a business incubator located downtown at St. Patrick’s Partnership Center.

“We’re also proud to partner with the Center’s ”Go Green” job training program and to provide jobs for recent graduates, ”said company founder Jill Miller. She grew up in St. Louis and has spent much of her career working for energy efficiency, sustainability and good green job creation. As Global Warming & Energy Program organizer for the national Sierra Club (2002 to 2007), Miller traveled extensively around Missouri and the Midwest, helping communities explore ways to improve energy efficiency, develop clean, renewable sources of energy, and lower their dependence on fossil fuels. In 2008, she acted as lead field organizer for the Blue Green Alliance, working with the United Steelworkers in Ohio and Michigan to promote climate protection and good green jobs.

Miller earned a degree in Communications from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.
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