Publisher’s Corner

Salute To Indie Business

Every July 4 we celebrate our nation’s independence with fireworks, cotton candy, parades and flag waving. I started thinking about what it takes to be independent — the trials and hardships of going it on your own without ties to someone or something else providing safety, security and most of all finances. Then I thought of the entrepreneur. The independent small businesses in this country that form the backbone of our economy. Do you know what it takes to just give up that company job (or lose it) and start your own business from scratch? I have done it and it is TOUGH. Then you throw in a down economy and tough just gets tougher. So I thought I would dedicate this column to a few entrepreneurs who have jumped off the cliff and have chosen independence over the status quo. I strongly urge every Healthy Planet reader to give them a call or stop by their business and support them in any way you can.

Maude’s Market: Maude Bauschard, owner. Offers fresh produce from area farmers, meats (locally and naturally raised), unique dry goods from local producers such as artisan breads chocolates, coffee, teas, eco-friendly cleaning products, cookies, jams & much more. Weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) is also available. Give Maude a call or stop by to meet her. But wait until after July 5 as she is on vacation until then. 4219 Virginia Ave., St. Louis, MO. 314-353-4219. www.maudesmarket.com.

Traveling Tea: owner Kateri Meyer. If you love tea, you will love Traveling Tea. You are always welcome to visit her shop in Benton Park at 3006 S. Jefferson, Suite 104, 63118 for tea, brewing accessories, or a cup of tea “to-go” (they are not a “sit-down” style tea shop, except for special events). Kateri takes her organic, fair trade teas on the road quite a bit and can be found at many events around town including the Healthy Planet expos. Check out her web site for events she will be attending. www.traveling-tea.com.

Home Eco: Owners Terry Winkelmann and Phil Judd opened their store to address a growing need for alternative, organic and renewable products in St. Louis. Home Eco is “ Your Green General Store.” Since 2005, Phil and Terry have been offering St. Louis the best and latest sustainable products anywhere in our area. Stop by the store and see what they mean when they say, “ Yes there is life beyond the strip mall. Home Eco is located in a quiet neighborhood in south St. Louis without acres of paved parking and bright lights.” 4611 Macklind Ave. St. Louis, MO 63109. 314-351-2000. www.home-eco.com.

I admire these people more than they know. As a fellow entrepreneur, I know the hardships can almost be too much to overcome. But the rewards of independence are immeasurable and impossible to deny. It’s about freedom, character and tomorrow’s possibilities from today’s challenges. Maybe that’s what drove our forefathers and foremothers to fight for the right to run their own butchery, bakery and candle stick shop. The right to their own destiny.

Independently Yours,
J.B. Lester; Publisher