Hormone Issues?

by Dr. Alethea Eller

She sat across from me at my desk for a new patient consultation. She was a lovely woman in her 50’s and she began telling me why she had come in. Her face turned red. She calmly removed layers of clothing while continuing to tell her story. She gently blotted her face from the sweat that seemed to instantly appear. Although, we both chuckled at how gracefully she handled the hot flash, it was an all too common event for her. If it only stopped there, she would not have been in to see me. She went on about her weight gain, extreme irritability and anxiousness. She just didn’t feel like herself anymore.

Hormone imbalances can happen any time in life. Transition times where hormone levels change seem to bring about the most problems and symptoms: the young woman going through puberty, the woman struggling to achieve pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and of course menopause!

“HRT” in the medical world is hormone replacement as our bodies are lacking sufficient levels of naturally occurring hormones. There are strong opinions when it comes to hormone replacement. Believers in the benefits of hormone replacement therapy can feel better and more youthful. On the other side of the discussion are women that have seen negative studies on hormone replacement. Although, these women don’t always like how they feel, they are not comfortable taking hormones.

And still there is another side to the story that few ever hear about. It is certainly not being marketed by any big pharma companies. Women who participate in this viable therapy find their hormones working better without ever entering into the debate of doing hormone replacement.

Yes, there is another option. You can rejuvenate the hormone system that God created in you. You may be experiencing hormonal symptoms because something is draining your system. For example, when you are under stress, your body will steal progesterone to help deal with the internal stress created from your situation. There are many reasons why your body will try to tap into your hormone storage. When hormones are being pulled away then you will feel that you are deficient.

Your body has the ability to make a sufficient amount of hormones to keep symptoms away at any age. It sometimes needs “encouragement”. Homeopathic medication is an incredible tool to safely and effectively encourage the body to make more of its own hormones. You cannot get more BIO-IDENTICAL than that!

I love getting women results with natural hormone rejuvenation therapy. When it comes to your hormones: don’t replace it, Rejuvenate it!

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