Dental Death Trap: Murder By Dentists

by Simon Yu, MD

July 2000, JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) published shocking data that stated a total of 225,000 deaths per year occur from iatrogenic (doctor induced or treated) causes. This constitutes the third leading cause of death in the United States after deaths from heart disease and cancer.

Even more shocking data was published in 2005 by the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. The latest data indicated that the total number of iatrogenic deaths is 783,936. That makes medical care the leading cause of death at a cost of 282 billion dollars. The source: Appendix B, page 321 on “Death by Modern Medicine” by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND.

The list of the cause of these almost 800,000 deaths per year includes in-patient and out- patient adverse drug reactions, medical errors, bedsores, infections, malnutrition, unnecessary procedures, and surgery related complications.

I have addressed this issue in a previous article, Death by (Modern) Medicine: White Coats as a Symbol of Life and Death. The American Medical Association (AMA) should be outraged and investigate the fact that the American medical system might be the leading cause of death and injuries in the U.S.

Pondering the whole question of these grim statistics of iatrogenic death, we need to ask the question, “Is it possible that our medical system has been framed and falsely accused of the cause of these deaths by other professions?” After all, I have been focusing on unrecognized, undetected dental infections and parasite problems as a main culprit of chronic diseases and incurable medical problems.

As an example, I’ve written many articles on dental related hidden medical problems. Whenever there are resistances to standard medical care, you need to think about the missing links. Especially think about the dental related problems that might be the underlying cause of your illness. I have covered the dangers of amalgams, root canals, cavitations (infection of the jaw bone) as well as parasite related dental problems.

My book, Accidental Cure devoted one full chapter to dental related medical problems and includes many case studies throughout the book. The title of the chapter is called Dental Death Trap. For example, patients may get a few root canals and some years later develop prostate cancer, breast cancer, heart attack, stroke or neurologic disorders. The medical doctors and patients are not suspecting that the triggering events might be hidden dental infection from a root canal done many years ago.

Even for those medical doctors who are aware of the danger of dental related medical problems, when they send their patients to the dentist, the report usually states the tooth is in good condition based on X-rays so they do not recommend any intervention for suspected root canals.

Recently, while I was giving a free monthly lecture at my clinic on dental related medical problems, one young woman in her 30s raised her hand and started telling her story as a survivor of sudden death. She experienced sudden death from irregular heart rhythms.

She was luckily resuscitated and put on a pace maker to prevent another sudden death from her irregular heart rhythms. She apparently had four root canals and eight amalgams many years ago. When she had a biological dentist remove all her amalgams and root canals, her heart rhythms became normalized according to her cardiologist.

I have seen too many cases of dental related “incurable” medical problems. Undetected dental problems are a common reason why patients are not responding to medical therapies. As a result, medical doctors are using stronger and stronger medications and resorting to more aggressive medical and surgical interventions with a dramatic rise in side effects and mortality.

If you were a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) at the death bed of a patient, you wouldn’t realize that the crime was done many years ago. The “proper” standard dental care was done by the placement of amalgams in cavities, root canals in infected teeth, dental implants on missing teeth, or routine tooth extractions that cause cavitations in the jaw bone. It may take many years to see the side effects of these procedures which may show up as a heart attack, cancer, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headache, autoimmune diseases, or unexplainable neurological conditions.

Once you understand the origin of medical problems and why they aren’t responding to standard medical care, we should not point all the blame of iatrogenic death toward the medical professions. For that young woman who experienced sudden death, she explained she felt like she went through an attempted murder by the dentist and was saved by the medical profession.

Death by Modern Medicine by Dr. Carolyn Dean is a very painfully honest and courageous book however we need to explore beyond her expose on iatrogenic death. Is it possible that the true cause of death might be from unsuspected dental problems and/or standard treatments? Dental care can be a death trap as well as a money trap for medical care many years later.

We need a calling for a dentist who can write a courageous book, Murder by Dentists, as a wakeup call for the dental and medical communities. Dentists need to share the responsibility and communicate with medical professionals about dental related medical problems as a source of iatrogenic cause of deaths. That is a true prevention and healing.

For more information, I highly recommend you read Root Canal Cover-Up by Dr. George Meinig, DDS, Rescued by My Dentist: New Solutions to a Health Crisis by Dr. Douglas Cook, DDS and It’s All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Dr. Hal Huggins.

Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Alternative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about alternative medicine as well as patient success stories, and Dr. Yu’s revolutionary health book Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients, visit his web site at www.PreventionAndHealing.com or call Prevention and Healing, Inc., 314-432-7802. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion by Dr. Yu on Alternative Medicine at his office on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Call to verify the date. Seating is limited, arrive early.