Transformational Healing for Pain

by Carolyn Baker

I would like to share with you what I have learned about the way the body talks to me.  Before I got into body work I sat at a desk all day.  I was overweight, unhappy, a single parent, and a people pleaser.  I always had aches and pains and never had the time to address them.  Eventually the body said, “You will listen because you have no choice”.  I was having panic attacks, chest pains, low back pains, headaches, and several surgeries; believing that “cut it out” and let me get on with my life that’s all I need.  It worked for a while, but new symptoms came up, I had feet and knee pain, and trouble lifting my arms above my head.  Lucky for me I was not a good candidate for taking drugs and I had a lot of time to suffer and think.  I did make some changes in my life but still had pain.

The main driving force that changed my life was reading spiritual books and meditating.  By following these practices I was able to connect to a higher level of consciousness and get in touch with my natural healing gifts that I had realized I was being called to practice.  My first patient was myself.  I learned to use the energy that was coming to me through my subconscious and channel this into the physical to heal my own aches and pains.  Once I was totally healthy, I realized I had a gift which I could share with others.

I left my desk job and went into massage and there I found my heart began to open and joy came into my life.  I would put my hands on people and I could feel where their pain was located and dissolve it.  It was the most incredible feeling.   People would get off of my table and felt lighter and taller and looked years younger.

The only way our bodies talk to us is through pain and suffering.  Usually the pain starts out to be a sharp or dull pain and then goes away.  Maybe it is a few weeks before it shows up again.  The next time the pain may appear in a different place with a similar feeling or burning.  The pain will keep moving around until it finds a vulnerable place in the body.  At this point, the pain may be coming from an entirely different place .

Because of my gift, I am able to scan your body with my hands and  feel exactly where the pain is emanating from and what it has attached itself to.  I am able to place my hands over or on the area of the pain and literally “dissolve” it.  I also receive messages from my higher consciousness regarding the nature and source of the pain to help you understand what is happening and how to avoid it. I also work with crystals, scan the chakras, and heal any issues that could be causing problems in those areas.    I can even teach you how to heal yourself.

I have helped  people with the symptoms of back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, arthritis, various forms of pain, MS, neuropathy just to name a few.  If you want immediate relief from your pain, contact me today for an appointment.  You won’t be disappointed.

You can reach Carolyn Baker, Transformational Healer, at 314-249-6119 or by email at Carolyn.Baker44@yahoo.com to make an appointment today.