The Paleo Lifestyle

by Emily Hecker, DC, CNC, MBA 

How did our ancestors eat? Did they count calories, shop gluten-free, or watch the lastest episode of Dr. Oz to avoid contaminated apple juice? They ate what was available and they learned by trial and error that certain foods gave them strength, brain power, endurance, or pain. Did they hop on an elliptical to burn their unwanted fat away? This whole concept of reverting and investigating the hunter-gatherer lifestyle may seem archaic. However, scientists called nutritional anthropologists are doing just that.

What it is NOT.

Paleo or Primal is not the “Atkins Diet.” Healthy fats such as the monosaturated fats found in coconut & palm oil are essential. The Atkins diet does not allow for these. Rachel Ray made extra virgin olive oil popular. Keep in mind that heating destroys the chemical bonds in olive oil making it toxic. The paleo lifestyle is also not a “Low Carb Diet.” Carbohydrates are essential for our survival. We often think of carbs as bread, grains or pasta, however the paleo lifestyle offers some of the best carbohydrates in vegetables.


The paleo/primal lifestyle covers dietary intake but also incorporates exercise that was done to get those rock-hard caveman-like figures. Short bursts of energy are promoted, so those with busy schedules who don’t have hours to spend at the gym are in luck to squeeze some basic moves in at commercial breaks, lunches or in the elevator.

Workshop Details.

Learn more about why this lifestyle could be your missing link to losing those last few pounds or that bloated belly. Anyone with an autoimmune disorder (Lupus, Rhumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid diseases, Celiac, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) must learn why this lifestyle supports their health. Paleo enthusiasts, Dr. Emily Hecker, DC, CNC and Personal Trainer Joy Holdmeier, owner of Go Fit Mom! are excited to present a paleo-packed hour full of great take-away tips, handouts and guidance to begin the journey to a healthier you. Join us Thursday evening, April 26 at 6:15pm at Wellness Alternatives. RSVP to 636-227-4949 or email ehecker@stlwa.com.

Emily Hecker, DC, MBA, BS, CNC, is a board certified chiropractic physician, licensed nutritional consultant, meteorologist & mommy. She practices at Wellness Alternatives (www.stlwa.com), specializing in gentle structural and cranial bodywork for moms & kids and providing nutritional support for autoimmune and chronic health conditions.