GET YOUR GREEN ON! at the Moonrise Green Ball April 27

by Jean Ponzi


This Green Ball sounds like fun! The Moonrise Hotel is so chic – and sustainable.

I love the bar on their rooftop – such a view! Did you know the Moonrise Terrace Bar is solar powered? The awning is a power plant – how cool is that?

As cool as struttin’ the Green Carpet with you babe – let’s go!

Oh, it’s so beautiful – look at all these flowers! I feel like I’m walking into a garden.

Could be because Missouri Botanical Garden is hosting this party with Moonrise. Mmm, smells heavenly. But is that the décor . . . or your perfume?

You’re sweet! And SWEET that this ball benefits the Garden’s EarthWays Center. They are such a force for sustainable thinking and action all over this community, in schools and colleges, for homeowners . . . and you know I think EarthWays is working with my business. I know we have a company Green Team. Maybe I should get involved?

Whoa! We’re involved in some high-powered Green company here tonight. Look at these outfits.

I love it! Aren’t you glad we dug into the closet for some “keen Green?” And isn’t that Sarah Trone, from Local Harvest Café and Grocery? She is stylin’!

She gets to judge the Green Ball Costume Contest this year. She won first prize last year, now she gets to honor her fashion faves. She won a personal lunch with Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson, too.

The new president of Missouri Botanical Garden? Wow, that’s a great prize. He’s Irish, and I hear he’s charming. Now I’m really glad we dressed up – could you just fancy chatting up biodiversity with such a celebrity scientist . . .

This year you’d talk about China, I’m sure. The Garden is celebrating Chinese plants and culture for 2012 – with an amazing display of giant Chinese lanterns for this summer.

Ah, so all these lovely little twinkling red lanterns – and Chinese costumes and decorations – are starting the celebration tonight.

Why wait to celebrate? Say, does that tall guy have a bunch of root vegetables on his head? I call that some taste-full fashion. Minimal, yet deep.

But there’s Debra Bass, the fashion editor of the Post-Dispatch, handing him a white flower – I bet that means he’s a Costume Contest contender! So there’s definitely hope for us.

Look, they’re serving emerald cocktails – and it’s an open bar!

Because everything’s included in our one ticket price: $60 gets us fizz, fun, fashion, food . . . for the whole evening, 7 to 11 p.m.

Speaking of . . . check out those buffets! I think there’s one in every room of this party.

Local food too, specialties from some of St. Louis favorite local chefs – and a lot that’s grown right here on local farms.

Buying local IS very Green. Did you know that $.45 or more of every dollar you spend in a locally-owned business stays right here in our community? Compared to $.15 or less of the dollar you spend in a chain store. Did you know that, hmmm?

I know I’d like to get some of those conscientious, scrumptious-looking plant-based treats on a plate of my own – that guy wearing the turnips made me hungry!

But first – listen! The band is Hudson and the Hoo-Doo Cats. I can’t eat until my feet are smilin’  – come on, let’s dance!

I’m ready to dance the night away! Aren’t you glad we came?

My darling, I’m having a wonderful time at the Moonrise Green Ball . . .

With everyone who is anyone who strives to live sustainably . . .

And Missouri Botanical Garden . . .

And you!

Jean Ponzi is the Green Resources Manager for the Garden’s EarthWays Center – and host of the talk show Earthworms on 88.1 KDHX, Mondays 7-8 p.m. For Green Ball tickets and information visit www.moonrisehotel.com.