Free Resource For Recycling

Earth911 helps consumers find local recycling

information through the largest and most accurate

recycling directory in the U.S. 

Through this directory, information on more than 1 million ways to recycle over 300 materials is available for free.  Just a few clicks at www.earth911.com will provide you with local information on recycling locations and services along with a map view.  Just type in the item you wish to recycle and your zip code.  You will be provided with a list of service providers, along with their phone number, address and a link to their website.  Click on the company’s name and you’ll see not only a complete listing of the items they accept, the hours of operation and any special instructions are also provided.  Services identify whether they are for residential or business customers and if they provide drop-off or pickup.  Below each company’s name, a list of additional items they recycle will also be included.   Click on one of those and a brief informational box provides general information about the item along with additional links.  Tabs are also included for items that are recycled curbside, have special programs or mail-in options.

Occasionally you may get a search notice that says, “Wow, no listings?  Sorry about that!”  That doesn’t mean there isn’t one; it just means that it hasn’t been entered into their database.  If you happen to be aware of services not listed in the directory, please click on “suggest a listing.”  Or if you’ve found another option, they’d like to hear about that also so they can share it with others.

The St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management district will be featuring the Earth911 website as the primary resource for recycling options.   Over nearly 20 years, Earth911 has evolved into a comprehensive resource on recycling.  A great deal of their success stems from the participation and input of individuals and businesses, which is vital to making this information available and keeping it up-to-date.  Businesses, municipalities and others involved in managing or monitoring recycling resources are encouraged to register for a free account with Earth911 Manager.  By doing so, listings can be viewed, updated, deleted, etc., as necessary by people who are in tune with what is going on in their area or with specific categories.

Earth911 offers a wealth of additional information throughout their site.  They provide a weekly newsletter, daily news stories, “how-to” instructions for events, informative videos, hundreds of timely and archived earth-friendly articles, additional resources for businesses, event listings, basic and specific information on a wide variety of recyclables and much, much more.

Your input can make this important resource even better.  The more information that is provided and updated, the better the resource becomes.  Visit  www.earth911.com today to learn more, get involved, and help bring our lifestyles closer to zero-waste.