Evening Shade Farms hosts 11th Annual Herb Days Festival, May 26-27

11th Annual Herb Days Festival, May 26-27

by Nancy Smith, Secretary, Farm to Family Naturally

Making soap has to be one of the most fulfilling livelihood adventures available to the homesteader or small independent farmer. Using a basic formula and adding wonderful fragrances and healing properties with herbs and flowers one has grown on the land is the closest thing to magic I can imagine.

Evening Shade Farms of Osceola, Missouri has been perfecting the intriguing mix of art and science that comprises good soap-making for two generations. The folks at Evening Shade are deeply committed to sound environmental practices and they believe that nature will provide healing and nourishment which they can offer in their soaps and body products. For thirty years, since founder Gayl Bousman began to make products with imagination and integrity, the folks at Evening Shade have been growing, mixing and perfecting wonderful formulae in cooperation with nature. Gayl, and her daughter and successor, Cindy Parker, have long been recognized for their integrity, creativity and the outstanding quality of their products. Soaps and other body products are made with healing, nourishment and pure pleasure in mind. Fragrances range from a very popular manly scent called “Caravan” through crisp and clean “Lemon Cream” to the immensely popular sweet and lightly sensuous “Sweet Grass”.

The folks at Evening Shade Farms really get down to basics when making their soap. The goat milk soap comes from milk from their very own goats, referred to as “the girls”. Honey is not just a fragrance for these soap-makers. Actual raw honey is included in the “Raw Honey” and the “Milk and Honey” bars. One of the most intriguing ingredients of all is prickly pear cactus juice in a delightful-smelling therapeutic bar. The soap-making process begins with the earth, always shows respect for nature, and, we’re happy to announce, ends up on our shelves at Sappington Farmers Market.

Other body care products include an elder cream made from elder leaves which are harvested just before the wonderfully fragrant elder flowers appear on the plants. This is the optimum time for skin-healing properties to be developed. Critter Ridder Natural Insect Repellent is made with non-toxic natural ingredients, and affords relief to humans and their livestock and pets as well. It is recommended that a small amount be applied to skin or clothing to keep insects at bay.

Come into our store and see and smell for yourself.  And while you’re there, check out the many other new Missouri and Illinois products that have been finding their way onto our shelves lately. With the addition of new local signage and stickers, we’ve made local products much easier for customers to find.

Sappington Farmers Market is located at 8400 Watson Road, between Elm Ave. and Laclede Station Road.  www.sappingtonfarmersmarket.com.