Dietary Strategies to Reclaim Your Health and Your Shape

by Dr. Sharon Fitelston

Bad food choices and ill health go hand in hand. In fact, an estimated 70% of illnesses can be prevented by a healthy diet. Obesity alone has become one of the biggest contributors to common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and dementia. Scientists are now finding that the excess stored body fat actually creates the inflammation that causes or contributes to each of these deadly conditions.

There are three types of fat and two are essential to good health:

1) Structural fat supports our body tissue and fills the space between organs. It keeps the skin smooth and taut, and protects coronary arteries and some joints.

2) Protective fat, known as brown fat, helps insulate and maintain body temperature. Our bodies store this fat for later use as necessary fuel.

3) Yellow fat, however, is inflammatory and immunosuppressive, and is caused by a diet of too many calories and poor food choices (i.e. Trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, excess sugar, and      artificial sugars). This is the root of our obesity epidemic .

Today’s standard American diet (S.A.D.) consists of these “fake foods,” chemicals, and excessive portions. Our society values convenience over nutrition and the result is a population that finds its waistline growing bigger and bigger, while introducing disease and unwanted symptoms to its health history. It’s happening to our children, too, at an alarming rate. Hence the emergence of a weight-loss industry that is growing exponentially!!!  Whatever diet you choose, the results are only as good as the follow up.

Most diets target the structural and protective fat first, while getting to the yellow or inflammatory fat last. Most dieters still crave sugar and simple carbohydrates after they have lost weight, and therefore go back to their old eating habits, reversing most of the loss. Seemingly, the old adage “diets don’t work” is mostly apt.

To lose weight without focusing on overall health is a formula, not only for failure, but also illness. The doctors at InMotion are committed to reversing the obesity epidemic and to helping our patients weigh less and feel better for the long term.  We now have modified our doctor assisted weight loss programs. Since no one size fits all, each program is tailored to the individual. Our most popular option is a restricted calorie diet with homeopathic drops. It is designed for safe, quicker weight loss that resets and repairs base metabolism. In addition to weight loss, this strategy helps decrease inflammation and enhances immune function. The plan effectively implements the necessary habits for your future health and weight-maintenance.  We weigh and measure with comparisons, test urine to make sure all is working as it should, and give you before-and-after pictures.

In conjunction with our dietary programs, we also utilize herbal remedies, personalized exercise protocols, and nutritional counseling. The key components of all strategies are strong desire, focus, and accountability. As with any successful weight loss strategy, the person who incorporates sound lifestyle choices has the greatest hope of long-term success. We are here to support those choices.

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