Women and Men Are Suffering In Silence

by Dr. Leslie Scott, M.D.

Hormone deficiencies and imbalances are a natural condition that comes with aging but can have a severe negative impact on daily lifestyles in both men and women. Few people realize how hormone deficient they really are. As we age, hormonal deficiencies can cause a multitude of symptoms, which can decrease our quality of life. Many suffer from loss of energy, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, memory lapses, low sex drive, even depression and mood swings, to mention a few. Searching to find an answer, some may be misdiagnosed and treated without a blood test to see what is really going on. In many cases these negative effects are ignored or discounted by traditional medicine. Some look at these symptoms as being part of the aging process and suffering individuals are told to “deal with it”, “it will pass” or “this comes with getting older”.

The good news is, in most cases these conditions can be treated through the use of our exclusive bio-natural Amor Vie therapy at HRC Medical Centers. Our goal is to achieve optimal hormone levels for our patients which will relieve many of the symptoms they are suffering from.  Our Amor Vie therapy program restores depleted hormone levels, renewing our patients lives and relationships, and we rejoice with them in the life changing benefits and experience they enjoy as a result of our treatment.

Bio-natural hormone therapy is safe and is not associated with the risk and side effects of synthetic hormones.

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