When Trying To Fix “IT” No Longer Works

by Dr. Matthew A. Stralka


Many of us in the Alternative health system have mixed our personal and professional goals.  Many of us come into our line of work as “wounded” healers.  We found that special “something” that has made our lives work…at least in a “band aid” kind of way. Instead of using prescription medication we’ve used herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic or some other modality instead.  For others, daily yoga, chi-gong or some type of active practice has made our lives and bodies more functional.

We have substituted the “traditional” medical route with one that is more gentle and natural.  In some ways our approach to health is different but in some ways…IT’S THE SAME.  We are still looking for an “outside in” approach to fix or remove “it”.  That “it” is the symptom, worry or concern that we don’t want in our life.  On some level “it” makes us feel that we are not enough and with this “it” we won’t be worthy of whatever it is we feel we need to have in order to make our lives worth living.

I became aware of these things at an early age due to numerous health challenges and I got sick of trying to fix “it”.  I wanted to be freed from Diagnoses and prognoses and “processes”…even if they were “healing processes”.   In some ways these have become nothing more than our culture’s VOO DOO.  We end up becoming subject to this judgment.  Just because someone can come up with a better categorization or break down doesn’t mean you are in any better hands.  Just because you can accept that you have a “disease” doesn’t mean you may later need to give up all associations, rights/claims to victimhood associated with that “disease” in order to reclaim your power and more true self.

Reorganizational Healing featuring Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration creates growth towards something more that works as opposed to trying to remove “it”.  It is a form of wellness education that accepts you as you are, and teaches you how to turn tension, wounds and stress into gifts we can use to create a better life for ourselves. Some fundamental ideas in this approach include:

1. You do not have to replay what happened to you in order to heal.

2. You do not have to figure out who did what to you or why in order to heal.

3. You do not have to figure out what your next step is in order to heal.

4. You do not have to forgive someone outside of yourself in order to heal.

5. You do not have to make life very complicated in order to heal.

6. You don’t have to sit “on top of a mountain” and wait most of your lifetime in order to find what or where the key to the universe is. You will find out it was never locked.

7. Your biology and Physiology is subject to your culture. You cannot interpret a symptom without it being integrated in how you are supposed to experience the world. This is one of the functions of your culture.

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