TransFigure Total Health Adds New Program To Help Clients Get Their Weight Off

by Jane Arrington, RN


Obesity has replaced tobacco as the leading cause of sickness and death.  Two thirds of adults are overweight or obese, and the fastest growing segment for obesity is our children.  Today, one third of children are overweight.  Is it our genes?  Even with a genetic predisposition to obesity, we can suppress those genes with proper diet and lifestyle.  Knowing that we can “turn off” bad genes can be tremendously empowering, so we no longer have to play victim.

Obesity is the root cause of over 30 major diseases and over 100 medical problems including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s.  It also significantly increases our risk of various cancers including breast, prostate, colorectal, uterine and ovarian.  Know anyone who struggles with infertility or low testosterone levels?  Getting down to a healthy weight is often the solution.

Dr. Delia Garcia, formerly of St. Louis Cancer & Breast Institute, practiced medicine for 27 years and is now passionate about getting people healthy.  “It starts with getting down to a healthy weight.  We are in an era of personal responsibility.  People are sick and tired of having their doctor pull out the prescription pad.  Instead, they want tools to create health.”

Jane Arrington, RN, owner of Transfigure Total Health, uses Take Shape for Life as a tool to get weight off fast and safely without drugs, hormones or surgery.  The medically formulated meal replacements are the catalyst.  Protein/carbohydrate balanced and low glycemic, they get people into a state of fat burn within three days.  Eating every three hours, including one normal meal of protein and vegetables, results in up to 2 to 5 pounds of weight loss per week.  “But, reaching a healthy weight is the first step.  With our program, I coach my clients weekly and teach a healthy lifestyle, so weight stays off for life.”  Jane has witnessed many transformations with clients reducing or eliminating medications and reversing serious medical conditions such as diabetes.

Recommended by over 20,000 physicians in over one million patients, Take Shape for Life is clinically proven by Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of health.  Try the program for one month; in a month you could lose up to 20 pounds and then you’ll know whether you want to continue.

Call for a free consultation. Jane Arrington, RN, Transfigure Total Health, 314-304-3380, www.transfigure.tsfl.com.