Irresistible Community Builders Presents: LET THE GAMES BEGIN

by Tom & Carol Braford


Save you ever wished that saving civilization and the planet could be as simple as zapping others or your surroundings with a shot of biodegradable, bright green paint?

Well, now it is! That’s right. With your physical support and a bit of your green we can turn causing a sustainable civilization and planet into a game we can all win.

The best part about it is that we don’t have to wait, it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg or even a lot of money and best of all it’s all about celebrating sustainable communities and having fun now.

Coming soon to an Integral Ecovillage near you, the “Culver Way Paintball Coliseum” and related fun and fundraising venues.

Okay, so maybe you had in mind a pathway to a sustainable future other than playing both highly realistic and sometimes fantastical Paintball games and other forms of mirth and mayhem.

Well, I must admit that I did too, but that was before I met Madd Dogg Burns, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a member of the Oneida, one of the Six Nations of Native Americans, who happens to be an internationally acclaimed Urban Scenario Paintball expert, captain of the Brotherhood of Steel Paintball team.

John is also an expert in LAN and other network scenario computer games.

And in case you were wondering, in reality John is a mild mannered, gentle soul, committed to peace and prosperity for all, healing all the wounds we have inflicted on each other and on Mother Earth and working with disadvantaged youth everywhere.

The plan, therefore, is to temporarily turn the east half of Art Craft Cohousing into an Urban Scenario Paintball venue while we are finishing the Eco-Innovation Center, which among many other things will serve as a LAN cafe on evenings and weekends. These two venues will provide the foundation for the Fun and Games Co-op being catalyzed by Captain Madd Dogg and a way to jumpstart the fun and fundraising at Culver Way Ecovillage and future Integral Ecovillages.

You can support this mission with your time and talent and/or with a check. Visit www.CulverWayEcovillage.com for info on fun and fundraising campaigns. On Saturday, March17th, we will hold our monthly orientation and tour of the Ecovillage at 11:00, followed by a potluck lunch. Come join us!

Don’t forget to stop by our booth at the Healthy Planet Expo on March 4!


Tom & Carol Braford www.CulverWayEcovillage.org