How Would You Like To Save Half On Your Heating and Cooling Costs?

by Travis Seeger


Did you know that your heating and cooling costs are roughly 60% of your home energy expenses?   So what I am saying is we could literally cut your energy bills by one third.  Even if you have what would be considered a fairly efficient home comfort system.  We are finding that in areas that we could not install Geothermal heat pumps in the past we have new technology in “well drilling” and piping access that is making more homes good candidates for this technology.  We have some exciting projects in process that could save these clients thousands of dollars in the first year of operation of their new system.  To put the icing on the cake the Federal Tax Credit of 30% (no cap) is still in effect.

We generally see the installed costs of a “Geo” system to be roughly 30% more than an air to air Heat pump system, so while the initial investment is greater, the tax credit usually offsets the differential, then the savings pays for the system in record time.

Trane has just brought out their new line of Geothermal Heat Pumps that can supply all the heating and cooling needs plus make all the hot water you could ever want, for you in the summer time.  These units have all the quality you would expect from the Trane name and a very long life because Geothermal units, according to ASHRE, is on average 22 years compared to 8-10 years of an air to air system.   So when you consider the life of the system, tax credits and efficiency pay back, Geo-systems are an amazingly great deal! Visit Trane at http://trane.com/ Residential/products/Geothermal-cooling.

If you have ever thought of replacing your system but thought Geothermal was not a viable option, give us a call.  We would love to explore the potential of upgrading your home to the most efficient system available.   For a limited time we are also offering financing on these systems of 60 months at 0%, so you get a great system, save HUGE on your energy bills AND get 0% financing to make this fit into almost any budget.

If you ever have any questions about your homes comfort system don’t hesitate to call Chesterfield Service @ 636-532-5841 or send us an email at service@chesterfieldservice.com or follow us on twitter @hvactravis1  or visit us on the web at www.chesterfieldservice.com.