Black or White?

by Dr. Alethea Eller


5:30 AM.  It is THE BEST time of day in my house.  First of all, it is quiet.  Having 3 small kids, quiet moments are cherished.  However, I think it is my most beloved time because that is when I get my morning cup of coffee.  No high maintenance blends or fancy brewing techniques. It is a simple cup of Joe for me.   Ah- that first cup goes down so nice.  Often, I tip toe back to the pot and sneak some of my husband’s portion.  That one “harmless” cup can easily turn into 2 or 3 for me.  I don’t know, maybe it is just my personal weakness.  “This is clearly an addiction” I thought.  “Maybe I should I give it up.”   And then the voice of reason entered.

A calm reassuring voice reminds me that everything is not black or white.  There is a delicate balance with all things.  Throw off this balance, and something that brought you pleasure will bring pain. Something you did to stay healthy, when out of balance, now tears your body down.  Standing in good health, my one cup of coffee truly is harmless.  However 3 cups of coffee kicks up my stress hormones and affects my well-being all day long.

Like the runner who is so fixated on completing a race, that they subject their body to tears and weakening. What started with good intentions soon becomes destructive.  When you are exercising to maintain your health be aware of that hyper-focused “black or white” mentality that pushes too hard and tears you down.

Stand guard to the things you enjoy most in life. They are usually the culprits that throw off this delicate balance.  Is your workout training so intense that you miss out on time with your family?  Is your diet so strict that you skip dinner with friends because you don’t want to throw off your eating regime?

Life is only black and white if you see it that way.

There is actually a very large space between black and white.  It is filled with people who enjoy 3 bites of cheesecake, and yes only drink one cup of coffee in the morning!

Yes, the Gray Zone has much to offer.  The promises of balance, contentment and joy certainly lay in this realm of flexibility. As we move from winter into the vibrancy of spring, dare I say, “Keep a little gray in your life!”

Dr. Alethea Eller has a growing practice in Chesterfield. She utilizes gentle Chiropractic body work, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition.  Find out more at www.innovativehp.com. 510 Baxter Rd. 636.207.6600.