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With Cathy Burkemper


daily probiotics?


herbs that aid breast milk production


Q: Should I take a probiotic every day?


A:        Probiotics, aka good bacteria or friendly flora, can be very beneficial if taken every day.  Think of probiotics as soldiers for your body.  They are working very hard in your intestinal tract to help your body eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients in your gut wall.  Without good bacteria, nutrient transfer cannot efficiently take place and the waste can seep back into your system.  Replacing your good bacteria can have additional benefits, such as, they can change the level of acidity in various parts of the body; and they can create their own antibiotic substances, which can kill harmful bacteria, viruses and yeasts.  They keep your immune system strong and they help regulate your intestinal system.  If you are having problems with constipation or diarrhea, you may want to try some probiotics.  Since they are live bacteria, I recommend you buy a refrigerated type or one that specifically says “refrigeration not required” as these will be enteric coated.  This type is perfect for traveling.



Q: I recently had a baby and have been breastfeeding him.  Since my return to work I have had to pump a lot of my milk.  It seems as though my milk supply has diminished quite a bit.  Is there something I can do to increase it?


A:Fenugreek has been shown to increase breast-milk production.  It is also high in iron and selenium and is a rich source of viscous fiber and protein.  Another good choice would be Blessed Thistle, an herb widely used as a feminine tonic and to increase mother’s milk.


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