New Years Resolutions For Your Pets

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Pet Rescue

The new year presents the wonderful opportunity to ‘start anew’.  The real challenge is to be consistent and follow through.  At least that is always my own personal challenge.  But not only do we need to care for our human needs, we like to encourage pet owners to consider resolutions for their beloved family pets as well.  What might be included in this regard?

Wow!  As a veterinarian and passionate pet owner, I can think of a number of neat and logical resolutions to consider!
* I promise to keep my pets’ examinations, vaccines and veterinary guidelines up to date!
* I promise to schedule ‘play or training’ time with my pet(s) on a consistent basis!
* I promise to help my pet(s) keep proper weight control through regular exercise or play activities!
* I promise to clean my pet’s teeth on a regular schedule, per my veterinarian’s recommendations!
* I promise to search out social settings for my pet(s), like dog parks, and more!
* I promise to keep my pet(s) groomed to avoid matting, skin dryness and more!
* I promise to clean up after my pet(s) when walking in public spaces!
* I promise to treat all other pets I am in contact with, like neighbors’ animals or those I contact in public or commercial facilities, with proper regard and consideration.

These are just a few ideas to consider.  Certainly, all pet owners will define resolutions that best fit their pet scenario.  And, don’t forget that any pet, be it dog, cat, reptile, bird or even a pet tarantula, require the same commitment and care from we, the pet owners.

As weather changes towards the more adverse conditions, be alert to special care needs as well.  Protect your pets from ice clumping on and between their toes; always be sure that you provide fresh, unfrozen water sources; keep pets from direct exposure to extreme conditions like rain and wind; feed appropriately to sustain body weight; and, as pets stay inside more frequently throughout the winter months, be careful to hide away any objects or chemicals that can prove toxic.

One that comes to mind is anti-freeze, which happens to be very tasty to animals, and in turn, can be life threatening by poisoning their kidneys.

I do not write to be a curmudgeon, rather to keep your pets safe and well by supporting pet owner awareness.  Whenever you have questions regarding your pets’s behaviors or wellness, do not be shy to contact your veterinarian for help and support.  And, have a great NEW YEAR!!

Fondly,  Dr. Doug Pernikoff & Staff
Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic
& Veterinary Pet Rescue (VPR)

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