A Revolutionary New 60-year-old diet! Prescribed by a Medical Doctor (MD) Monitored by a Registered Nurse


TransFigure Total Health is a Clayton-based company responsible for transforming local bodies up to 30 pounds lighter in 40 days. Many people who have failed using other diets have gotten into shape through this 1950’s program that focuses on releasing and recirculating abnormal and stored body fat without hunger or excessive exercise. Modern research and dieting techniques only add to the success rate of this tried and true plan.

“It’s so exciting to watch people lose so much weight so fast using our program,” says Jane Arrington, CEO of TransFigure. Usually the program starts with an optional Detoxic Week, including only fruits and vegetables. The goal is to clean the colon, liver and intestines quickly. Clients begin to feel better almost immediately and start losing some of their cravings. “The fact that they also lose weight during this period only proves to stimulate them even more”, says Arrington, a licensed Registered Nurse.

A very important component of this program is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that helps to free stored fat, use it as energy and then pass it harmlessly through the kidneys. It also suppresses hunger pangs so dieters stay in compliance with the program easier. We now offer our medical HCG. It comes in shots, creams and drops made with a full script of HCG. People no longer have to wonder if they are getting HCG…with TransFigure they know they are getting HCG. HCG, a workbook, teaching packet, the new “TransFigure Cookbook” and Stevia natural sweetener are the basic components of this plan.

“We meet with each of our clients in a 60 minute Introduction Class followed by weekly private weigh-ins and measurements. Our counselors then call twice a week and our clients are encouraged to call us at any time,” said Arrington. Our use of the Whole Body Vibration Machine is part of our package too. We encourage our clients to use it as much as possible during the forty days.

But the support doesn’t stop at the end of 40 days. The TransFigure Maintenance Plan is strongest part of their program. All clients receive The Maintenance Book and this part of the plan is individually tailored to their needs. Arrington observes, “People who diet constantly do so because they really don’t know how to eat properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So we offer an optional six week class to help them learn how to do so.”

This program takes the HCG diet and brings it into the present by adding the glycemic index to teach them how to pick foods. “I love seeing people put on a pound or two and then get it off quickly by following our program. I love seeing clients change their lives,“ she continued.

TransFigure Total Health is located at 7800 Clayton Road or on the web at www.TransFigureTotalHealth.com. Call 314-304-3380 for an appointment. It’s the first step to total TransFiguration.