“Just Stop It!”

By Dr. Alethea Eller

“Just stop it!” The group of several hundred people, including me, watched the psychologist scream back at his patient.  His advice to an emotionally and mentally tormented woman included 3 simple words, “Just stop it”.  She attempted to state her viewpoint and each time he shot her back, “just stop it”.  We all laughed at the absurdity of handling a patient in this way.

Yes, this was not a real event.  It was a clip of an old Bob Newhart show that was presented at last month’s integrative medicine symposium here in St. Louis.  The purpose of the presentation was to show the scientific data that correlates depression as an inflammatory illness.  I wondered as the clip was over, how many women really do hear such a ridiculous response.

I admit that “Just stop it!” does come out of my mouth. However, it is usually when I am talking to my kids.  It rarely works.  The better technique is to understand where they are coming from and offer counsel on how to find a resolution.  I also find that their solution works much better if they come up with it without me and have some ownership over the resolve.

The role of the doctor in the traditional sense has been transformed in integrative medicine.  Gone are the days of just doing what the doctor says.  There is a need for doctors today to understand where their patient is coming from and to be a healthcare coach.  Patients need encouragement and direction as to how to own their own health.

A young woman recently came to me that had a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.  She shared that her physician regularly scolded her for her high blood sugar.  Instead of being offered coaching as to a better way of eating and counsel as to the emotions that caused her to over eat, she was only given more medication.  By the time she came to me, she was incredibly down on herself and her willpower.  What she needed was understanding and a healthcare coach.  She has since reversed her Type 2 Diabetes.

The “just stop it” that you hear from doctors do not cause a transformation in your health.  Understanding and connecting the symptoms you have is the key to restoring your health.

It is a true gift to share the gift of health.

Many blessings to you and a Merry Christmas!.

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