How We Feel

by Dr. Joseph F. Unger, Jr., D.C., F.I.C.S

For centuries all systems of healing have shared certain fundamental premises. From acupuncture and yoga to homeopathy and chiropractic, all of these systems adhere to the principle that the body heals itself. Our natural tendency is to move into the direction of greater health. This innate response mechanism is automatic and continues uninterrupted throughout our lives. Of course as we age our ability to heal begins to weaken as vitality diminishes.

It is often theorized that when a person becomes sick, it is the result of some blockage in this healing energy. In other words, the natural inborn healing mechanism has become stuck. When this occurs, the acupuncturist rebalances the energy systems to restore flow. The homeopath provides the proper remedy to unclog the stuck system. In chiropractic, it is theorized that this innate healing energy flows through the nerves. Therefore, if the person becomes sick, the root cause may be a blockage in nerve flow.

Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, theorized that nutritional, environmental, mental and emotional blockages can also have significant effects upon nerve function. All aspects of our being influence our ability to heal. Everything affects everything else, and the most difficult challenge is to determine exactly what one needs in order to regain lost health.

The chiropractic researcher, Dr. Major Bertrand De Jarnette, concurred with these theories of healing. His research led him to develop a system of healing called Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) that incorporates the myriad aspects of human beings and the mechanisms by which we heal. Dr. De Jarnette also understood how the power of the mind and intent can motivate healing energy. To cite an example, some university studies have demonstrated that focused intention can change the rate of bacterial growth, alter the molecular structure of water and even have an influence upon plant growth and people’s recovery from heart conditions.

The mind and the emotions dramatically influence our physical well-being, directly affecting our resistance to disease and the recovery rate from illness. Engaging in positive intention and healing thoughts is paramount to good health. It can be tricky business, however, because the mind does not distinguish between good thoughts and bad thoughts. In other words, the mind will tend to manifest any thoughts that we give it. While it is easy to recognize and appreciate the positive intentions and energies we project, we are often painfully unaware of the negative, unconscious thoughts we have and negative stories we tell ourselves which can erode our physical well-being.

It can therefore be highly beneficial to train oneself to become aware of any destructive mental activity in which we engage. When we are successful at sufficiently clearing ourselves of these counterproductive thoughts, then often our higher guidance, called “intuition” in the healing traditions, can begin to emerge. Intuition and in turn our inner guidance mechanisms can help lead us to the answers we need to help restore our health or to the inspirations we need to change our personal circumstances.

It is all about healing. It is all about understanding and actively pursuing the unique role you play in the healing process to achieve optimal health and wellness. Look forward to the best!

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