What is an environmentally conscious person supposed to do about bathroom remodeling?

With people trying to reduce waste in all areas of life, bathroom remodeling can cause some issues.  You see, most people would like to just tear everything out of the bathroom and start from scratch. Remodeling in this fashion is not always the best way to go considering it’s not the most environmentally friendly route. Not to mention, tearing everything out is rather time consuming. The biggest concern with regards to starting a bathroom remodel from scratch is that this method produces a large amount of waste.  The discarded drywall, tile, grout, tub, and many of the compounds used with the tile do not biodegrade in a way that is helpful to Mother Nature (if they even degrade at all). The amount of materials you’d need to tear out around the tub and shower would overflow the tub with items that will just end up sitting in a landfill. So, what’s bathroom renovator supposed to do?  Consider an acrylic bathtub liner and wall system.


Since 1984, Bath Fitter has been a leading manufacturer of acrylic bathtub liners, tub surrounds, shower stall liners, and shower stall replacements.  Brian Cotton, who founded the company, was a guy who wanted to help his mother remodel her bathroom. He started the business after his attempt to tear the tub out of the bathroom.  He was frustrated with the endeavor, to say the least.  He was tearing it all out: the tiles, the floor and even the tub.  It was time consuming, expensive and labor intensive.  He thought there had to be an easier way.  “I thought to myself that this is just a big pain,” said Brian, “there really should be another way.”


Shortly thereafter Bath Fitter was born. Mr. Cotton created a long term, sturdy bathtub liner that fits perfectly over old bathtubs. “The amount of waste and energy that people save, just by putting a new tub over an old one is amazing,” exclaimed Mr. Cotton. With Bath Fitter, not only do you help yourself out by saving loads of time, you help the environment too. Bath Fitter also installs top-of-the-line water conserving Moen and Delta products.  With them, you can use up to 30 percent less water every time you shower.  After a few days, weeks or months, it adds up, and your energy bill drops.


Bath Fitter is an environmentally aware company, and has taken many measures in order to ensure that they reduce waste as much as possible, and that they recycle materials wherever they can. At the Bath Fitter factory, the latest technology is implemented in order to reduce power consumption. Over 75 percent of Bath Fitter’s shipping is free from the costly and wasteful use of cardboard, pallets, and shrink-wrap. What’s more, all water used in the manufacturing process is recycled; the same applies to all scrap acrylic materials. Also used are non-toxic installation methods.


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