Weight Loss and Colonics

By Cindy Caldwell


So if you are looking for a magic wand to lose weight…colonics are not it.  Some people will lose 1-2 pounds in a colonic, but it is not a drastic amount.  If you are already doing things to lose weight…changing your diet, exercising, etc, then colonics can make a big difference.

When losing weight, almost everybody hits a plateau.  One of the reasons this happens is the liver becomes overwhelmed.  Fat cells carry a lot of toxic material in them.  When you shrink them (thus losing weight) the toxins get dumped into your circulatory (blood) system.  If it’s in your blood then it has to go through the liver to be filtered.  If the toxicity level in your blood is too high, your liver will store the toxins in fat around your waist, storing them until it can get to them.  If you have heard the term “spare tire” – that is where the liver stores the toxins.

This is where colonics come in.  Colonics help to detoxify the body – mainly through the colon, but since the colon is a highly vascular organ, it also helps to cleanse the blood.  Getting colonics can help you end a weight-loss plateau and help you start to lose weight again.

Let’s talk about how you can support your liver when you are trying to lose weight.

1) Eat fresh, organic food if possible.  Every pesticide, hormone, or preservative that is on the food you eat, must go through your liver.  You will lose weight faster and easier if you eat food that doesn’t tax your liver.

2) Drink water.  This helps to dilute the toxins running through your liver, so your liver has an easier time, plus your body is 80% water – drinking it helps everything be more efficient.

3) Get enough sleep.  Your body heals when you are asleep.  Losing weight is hard on the body because of the release of toxins – so getting enough sleep is key.

4) Get colonics.  Cleansing your body of toxins will increase your energy, decrease your bloating, help you to eliminate more easily and support your life force.  It will also help you lose weight.

So call now for an appointment so we can help you in your efforts to lose weight and feel better!

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