True Love and Deep Passion over Fifty? In Words and Photos, a Brand New Book Shouts Out a Decisive Yes!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day—A new book that shares the stories of 29 couples over 50 proving new love is timeless and can happen at any age.


A new book by former newspaper editor Carol Denker is validating for readers what many people over 50 already know: finding true love and romance in the second half of life does not have to be the exception, it can be the rule.

“Autumn Romance: Stories and Portraits of Love After 50” (A-Shirley Publishing, 132 pp.) is an inspiring testament to mature love that derives its beauty and power from 29 individual stories and their photographs of couples who have found romantic happiness in the second half of life—and from their photographs.

Denker decided to document the couples with photos because she observed that images of older lovers were nowhere to be found in our society—only images of young couples with perfect bodies. She wanted to unseat the preconceived notion that passion vanishes once wrinkles appear and bodies lose the perfection of youth. Toward that end, the images in Autumn Romance are unadorned. The faces are presented as they really exist, and true to Denker’s purpose, the love, passion, humor, desire and wisdom of each and every face shines through. More than a dozen world-class photographers joined Denker in her quest and the result is that every page is adorned with images that are not only groundbreaking but truly beautiful.

Among those featured in the book are doctors, musicians, lawyers, dance instructors, writers, CEOs, professors and people from dozens of other professions from 14 states and Mexico. Denker, a former newspaper reporter, editor and portrait painter from Philadelphia, tells her own story at the end of the book. After three failed marriages she met a man online who eventually became her husband and soul mate.

Carol Denker will be signing books at Left Bank Books in the Central West End on February 2nd at 7PM. A site dedicated to “Autumn Romance,” where the book can be ordered and where readers are invited to post autumn love stories of their own can be found at http://www.autumnlove.org.


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