The Tale Of Twisted Biscuits

By Leah O’Donnell

Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor


Twisted Biscuits, a small St. Louis business that specializes in creating healthy pet treats, originated as a way to help rescued dogs get the chance to have a healthy snack.  This pet business with a twist is my Planet Pet Pick for March.  Lindsay Harmon launched Twisted Biscuits in April 2009 after much research into dog’s health and the benefits of natural and organic ingredients.  “I wanted to make a treat that the (rescued) dogs would like and was healthy for them,” Lindsay said.  As Lindsay continued creating these healthy treats, she realized more and more people were interested in having them for their pets, so she began making a large selection of healthy treats available for purchase.  Twisted Biscuits has grown and now offers treats for dogs, cats, and even bunnies!  Lindsay caters to the individual needs of each and every client.  This is essential for those who have pets with allergies or specific diet needs.  The treats available at Twisted Biscuits are made with organic fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients.  There is also a new line of dried treats that are made with dried fruits and vegetables.  Some of the new selections include Cinnamon Carrots, Peanut Butter Apples, and Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes.

In addition to the healthy dog, cat, and bunny treats available, Twisted Biscuits also offers handmade sweaters, jackets, tutus, and adorable, yet very functional scarf and leg warmer sets.  A few other selections include treats you can make at home, frozen treat kits, Pup-Suckers, Pupcakes, and gift sets that cater to each pet.  Also available are a variety of services for Pet Parties that range from photography, pet/people cakes, agility fun, favor bags, or paw print keepsakes.  Call 314-602-7309 to learn more about the party options.

You can check out the full line of products at www.shop.twistedbiscuits.com.   You can also see Twisted Biscuits at one of the many events that Lindsay does around town.  The web site includes all the upcoming events where Twisted Biscuits will be.  Products can be ordered just in time for an event, online, or by phone.  There is a flat shipping rate of $3.99. Local deliveries will be made by the Twisted Biscuits truck right to your porch or mail box.    Twisted Biscuits goes the extra mile to ensure your pet gets the freshest, healthiest treats possible.  They also donate 10% of all sales to animal rescue groups and organizations and donate all the extra treats at the end of their events to a local rescue group.

What I really love about this Planet Pet Pick is the exceptional care and attention that Twisted Biscuits gives to the products, treats, and their clients-both the four legged ones and their owners.  The goal of this local, small business is to make sure all dogs have a healthy treat to enjoy and to get to know each and every client.

Visit WWW.TWISTEDBISCUITS.COM or call 314-602-7309 today to place your order.  Your pet will be happy you did!