The Holidays Are A Time Of Group Energy of Giving, Hope and Peace

By Rosa Kincaid, M.D.


The “Holiday Season” in our great country, is defined by amazing group energy of giving, hope and peace. You can feel it in the air and see it in the eyes of small children. No wonder that our “major” religions also recognize this time of year as specifically marking major historical and spirituals events.

This is also the time of year that makes it terribly difficult for many who are far from friends and family, those who are ill or parents to provide commercial “necessities” or even four walls and a roof. Our happiest-time-of-the-year also reports the highest incidence of self-inflicted homicide.

So, I am left wondering what happens to the love, hope and giving for the rest of the year when they seem to be replaced by an ugly concoction of fear, greed and apathy. This is not a criticism of those who have and who surly deserve to enjoy all they have worked hard for, I just wish we could have the holiday season at least every other weekend and extend love and brother and sisterhood every day.

Every year I fast during the Winter Solstice, December 21 through December 24. Heaven and earth are very intimate during this period and humans can communicate more easily with the spiritual worlds when not encumbered with digestion of animal flesh, alcohol and processed foods. Meditation during this year has enabled me to overcome great obstacles and even given me clarity and direction. The activities you engage in during these four days will appear to repeat themselves during the entire year i.e., over-spending, over-eating vs. fasting, praying.

This year I will be meditating on empowerment, understanding and making myself an instrument for healing a sick planet. But I will certainly be partying (at a fund-raiser) after the fasting and praying are over!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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