By Christine Kniffen, LCSW, Therapist and Relationship Coach

The art of relating, sadly, seems fast becoming a lost art.  We are plugged in, tuned out and evermore isolated in a tech driven world loaded with reality shows filled with superficial, artificial relationships.  That’s not necessarily a good thing in my opinion.    As with many of the arts, the “art of relating” to another person must be sought to with purposeful intention if proficiency is to be achieved.  If done so, then there is the understanding that one’s art will quite likely improve with both practice and patience.  Well, as I am neither a painter nor sculptor, I feel that my contribution to this world is to help/teach others how to communicate more effectively and to be able to articulate their feelings in a way that will get them heard.  In other words, I love to help people become more talented in their “art of relating” towards each other.   Now, I will be able to help others move forward through an additional medium on my new show, The Art of Relating, premiering this month on Blogtalkradio.

The show will cover a broad range of topics pertaining to all the things that people experience in life and have to learn to deal with in the context of love and relationships.  Each week I will share honest and informative dialogue with professionals and experts about the kinds of conversations people will need to have in order to really be relating to each other and getting through various tough circumstances.  These include things such as love, divorce, money, sex, kids, your health and so much more.  Couples who truly love and respect each other, as well as both being well practiced at the “art of relating”, find that it makes life a joy to finally acquire this level of skill.  Those of us who have found this combination in our romantic lives understand that it is absolutely, unequivocally available for everyone.  It all boils down to our ability to learn and excel in being able to relate to each other.  When we relate well with another we feel heard, understood, appreciated and often adored.

Can you clearly and confidently express your feelings without guilt and anxiety?  Do you have the ability to readily own you part of an argument and it’s intensity?  Are you able to knock down that figurative, protective wall and truly let another in?  If you can answer a resounding yes to all of the above questions, then just listen to the show because it will be interesting.  If, like most of us, you are a work in progress consider taking an audio art class of sorts to enhance your skill in the “art of relating” by tuning in each week.

Finally, I just wanted to extend a thank you to those who regularly enjoy and support my column.  I feel fortunate to be able to contribute through a magazine with the integrity level they have at The Healthy Planet.  Be sure to check out my column each month for a list of upcoming shows.  Listen live or download the podcast and catch it when you can.  Don’t forget to look up, yes literally, to check out what’s simmering and ready to be served up in January.  It’s sure to be interesting, helpful and is hosted by a woman who is not afraid to question so called “conventional wisdom” of the day.  Send your show topic suggestions or any other thoughts to theartofrelating@hotmail.com.

Christine Kniffen, LCSW is a Therapist and Relationship Coach.  For a free consultation call 314-374-8396.