A Gathering Place

Massage School

teaches massage from the heart!  We become like family with our small class sizes.  And that is a key to helping our students prepare and Pass the National Board Exam. Our cumulative National Board Exam pass ratio is 97%.  We help with job placement too.  Many of our students open their own business.  We offer Allied Modalities which allow you to specialize in a specific type of bodywork while you are in school.  Carve a niche for yourself in the bodywork field! Call us: 314-739-5559 for a tour. We are enrolling for our Next Term now! www.agatheringplace.com.


Alan Cina: Advanced

Rolf Practitioner

Structural Integration Bodywork or S/I, was developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1940’s & 50’s. Its goals are to free bound-up connective tissues (or fascia), which link the muscles to each other and to the bones. S/I also releases bound up tissue in the joints. By releasing the fascia, muscles come into proper alignment and a person’s body moves fluidly and easily. Gravity is the ally for us to be taller and feel grounded. S/I frees you up to move the way you’re supposed to. Clients get relief from aches & pains and have more energy to live their lives. Alan Cina is an Advanced Rolf Practitioner with over 12 years of practicing S/I in the St. Louis community. He can be contacted at 314-771-8730 or Alan.Cina@yahoo.com


Downtown Arts & Yoga

A new yoga studio, Downtown Arts & Yoga (D.A.Y.) has opened its doors in the heart of beautiful Downtown Saint Louis to offer this great discipline to the 13,000 residents, 100,000 workers in the immediate vicinity. As we all know, Downtown Saint Louis is growing substantially and day by day, more people are moving back to enjoy the nice architecture and to be close to work. Jaime Sanchez, a long time yoga teacher (since 1967) and natural healer, has partnered with Sonny Saggar, MD  of Downtown Urgent Care with some other healing art professionals, to fulfill their collective visions, and the wishes of many residents and workers of the area. Much research has recognized the physical, emotional and mental benefits that yoga provides. Therefore, D.A.Y. will fulfill this important need of the Downtown community. The studio will offer free classes from the 4th to 10th of January 2010. The regular schedule will include classes in Viyasana Flow, Ashtanga, among other styles and levels: from the very beginners who do not know anything about yoga, and with no flexibility. The instructors are well prepared and ready to help anyone in any condition to make the practice pleasant and to achieve the full benefits yoga can provide. There will also be classes on Meditation, the popular Parent/Child Yoga and Community Classes (by donation) on Sundays, Tai-Chi and Belly Dancing. Please visit www.downtownartsandyoga.com or call 314-436-9300. Downtown Arts & Yoga is located at 916 Olive Street, Saint Louis, MO 63101.



It is our objective to create a passionate environment for learning and community. We offer public classes on wellness of body, mind, and spirit, and the healing arts, as well programs for massage therapists and energy and somatic practitioners. Our focus is on your dreams, your career, and your success. We offer education, nurturing, and support for your successful career in the healing arts. Our experienced team of instructors will enthusiastically support you in graduating our programs and begin a successful career as a healer. With a program centered on individual student attention, we’ll work with you to ensure your future career either as a licensed massage therapist or as a practitioner of energy and somatic healing. Other benefits of our program include our career counseling, our welcoming location, and our emphasis on community. Graduates of our Massage Therapy Education program and our Energy and Somatic Practitioner program will be the most educated and well-prepared healing arts professionals in the United States. www.eowmassage.com. 314-727-1778.



How do you look younger, feel full of energy and be a veritable picture of health?  It’s simple.  Eat well, exercise and DRINK your Nirvana.  Nirvana Matcha is THE secret. Our matcha grows in the most lush farmlands of Japan and is so rich in antioxidants that it is exponentially higher than all other green teas, as well as any other fruit or vegetable on the planet.  It is the healthiest drink in nature providing 100% energy.  What really sets Nirvana Matcha apart from all other superfoods?  Not the outrageous amount of antioxidants, but the L-Theanine it contains, a well researched non-protein bound amino acid known to affect three neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance our ability to function in a more peaceful and calm state.  So, drink it in.  Feel the benefits.  RECLAIM your Life.  For more information visit online at NirvanaMatcha.com or call FirstHand Health Center – 314-878-8999



Arts Center

In the coming year make a resolution to provide yourself with opportunities for self-growth and self-care. Massage therapy and massage education in all their varied forms spring from the central premise that we can be here for one another, sharing through touch the comfort & release that brings deep healing & vibrant health to client & therapist alike. As you resolve to improve your health & well-being you are resolving to improve the lives of everyone you touch. We wish you a year filled with possibility. The Healing Arts Center, 2601 S. Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63143, 314-647-8080, www.hacmassage.com.



Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies are offered at InMotion Health Center as an integral part of total health and well being.  This year we are introducing a new Rehab Program that educates patients about “taking care of themselves at home and for life.”  Most therapies are covered by major insurance plans.  Our Chiropractors also work closely with an experienced team of seven massage therapists who offer a number of therapeutic treatments, including Myofascial Release, Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, and Reiki.  We carefully pair our patients with the appropriate therapist or treatment to guarantee maximum results!  Call today for a consultation.  314.644.2081  www.imhc.com



At Roots of Wellness our highly trained therapists combine the powerful practices of yoga, including systematic relaxation, healing meditations and breathwork, with therapeutic massage and bodywork. Through the union of yoga and massage both the body and mind experience profound relaxation.  It is in this state of total relaxation that the mind and body mend and rejuvenate.Whether you seek treatment for stress, pain relief, or complimentary care for chronic illness, we offer a variety of effective treatments to meet your needs.  We honor the expectant mother and provide the little extras that make her experience wonderful. www.rootsofwellness.com for information 314-276-2886 for an appointment.


St Louis Aquatic

Healing Center

offers massage and detoxification therapies:  breath-work, chi machine (oxygenates blood, unblocks energy & more), ear candling, far-infrared sauna, ionic foot soaks (expels toxins/heavy metals), Lymphatic Drainage Machine, Rife Machine & Quantum Pulse frequency generators (successfully treats many pathogens), Wassertanzen/Watsu (warm water massage, relieves pain, tension, revitalizes internal organs). New: Nutri-Energetics Systems (NES), a radical new method for evaluating and promoting holistic wellness and optimum health. the science of NES has been used to develop a pioneering range of information-encoded “infoceuticals” designed to activate the body’s natural healing and detoxification processes, restoring well-being and vitality. 314-432-5228, watsu11@yahoo.com, www.watsu1.com.



Southtown Yoga offers a down-to-earth approach to yoga, yet rooted firmly in ancient yogic traditions. All classes are on going. Drop-in students can choose from basics, mixed, restorative, intermediate or advanced classes.  Classes lead students through an invigorating vinyasa-flow practice with specific focus placed on alignment. Monthly workshops with owner, Brigette Niedringhaus, offer students the opportunity for deeper exploration of various poses and yoga-related topics. Beginning July 2010, STY will again host a 200-hour teacher training with yoga master, Mitchel Bleier.  Visit southtownyoga.com or call 314.353.1004 for more information and class schedules. STY is located at 3719 S. Kingshighway.



Suzanne Fischer,

Starfin/Candle River Yoga, LLC

Prepare to feel more flexible, calm, and happy—and less achy, stiff, and stressed—with private yoga or yoga for pregnancy sessions. Your instructor, Suzanne Fischer, can also use Thai massage, healing touch, and lomilomi separately or combined into a mix that suits your body and its needs. Suzanne’s approach works to create open, flowing energy lines within the body. The results are health and joy. Suzanne carries numerous certifications and is a nationally-registered [Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500] yoga teacher. For more information, visit our website at starfincandleriver.com. For an appointment, call 314-569-5744 or email starfin1@msn.com.



Total Health

Lose twenty to thirty pounds in forty days, so you turn heads every time you walk in a roomful of people. Choose from a variety of TransFigure program packages, from the popular Copperwing, that includes counseling, supervision and supplies for one round – to upgraded packages that add registered nurse supervision, detox, massage, makeovers, and portrait photography of the new you. Join our six-week class to learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices. TransFigure Total Health now offers a complete nutritional analysis and Isotonix vitamins to improve your health and give you more energy than you’ve had in years. Visit us at our new location on Clayton Rd, just east of the Galleria! 7800 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63117, (314) 645-9800. www.transfiguretotalhealth.com, info@transfiguretotalhealth.com.



The Yoga Method for Weight Loss & Teacher Training. This special course combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern motivational techniques of hypnosis to help you truly achieve your weight loss goals. Gentle yet challenging yoga postures and breathing eliminate stress, boost your metabolism and help strengthen and tone your muscles. During a pleasurable deep relaxation we speak to your subconscious mind transforming the way you relate to food, your body and yourself. Urban Breath Yoga also offers teacher training.  Find your voice as a teacher and go deeper than ever into your practice. If you have ever dreamed of teaching and sharing yoga with others this is the course for you. For more information, contact Urban Breath Yoga at 314-421-9642 or visit www.urbanbreath.com.  You can also email at info@urbanbreath.com.



Vitality Unlimited is a Holistic Health Spa where your well being is our FIRST concern.  Stressed minds, bodies, and spirits are soothed, centered and nourished.  Our reputation for the highest quality professional services assures you of the best in all treatment and class experiences.  Come in for an hour or stay all day and feel a level of wellness that you haven’t in years! Vitality Unlimited Spa has been delivering the highest quality spa services since 1993. We have a proven track record of customer service that makes our patrons a loyal bunch! Vitality has a warm, friendly and comfortable environment. Even if you have never been to a day spa – you will feel right at home at Vitality Unlimited getting a simple massage or a day long spa getaway package. Stop by and meet some of our friendly staff – and learn why we are the best spa in the area. 29 W. Moody Ave in Old Webster Groves. 314-968-1808. www.vitalityunlimitedspa.com.



We honor the centuries old traditions of hatha yoga while appreciating the needs of students living in the 21st century.  Our curriculum and classes are designed for students of all levels.  Our classes include Yoga Basics for beginning level students as well as Open classes for those with previous experience (6 months), Anusara Yoga, classical Ashtanga, Vinyasa (flow), and Power Vinyasa as well as Yin and Mindfulness Yoga.  We offer a 10 month 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training yearly from February through November.  We are conveniently located at 1500 South Big Bend, 2nd Floor in Richmond Heights, Missouri.  For more information, contact www.stlouisyogasource.com or call (314)645-9642.