Question Everything

By Dr. Alethea Eller


Why?” asks your 2 year old.  “How does this work?”  And my personal favorite, “what happens if I do this?”  So the barrage of questions comes.  However, as time goes by the questions slow down until a time comes where they almost seem to cease all together.  Why is this?  Have we learned everything there is to know?  Does life and its functions just not interest us anymore.  Are we just comfortable with what we have learned so far, and say, “Why mess with it”?

I think back to when my first son was born.  Although I practiced in natural healthcare, I had also chosen to take my son to a mainstream pediatrician.    At the time, I felt like this is just what a “good mom” does.   I would question why they did this, or that.  It truly surprised me how much resistance my questioning encountered on the part of my son’s doctor.

I suppose not all physicians have people question why they do things.  Being in alternative medicine maybe I have somehow expected patients to have questions.    Whatever the reason, it didn’t really matter.  At that moment, I wasn’t playing the role of doctor, I was playing mom and darn it, this was my child and I wanted to participate in their healthcare.  I thought our doctor was part of our healthcare team.   Boy I was wrong!  I soon was asked to not bring my child back.  “Too many questions!”

Why?  Why would I be dismissed for wanting to be a part of my healthcare and why is it threatening to have a different view?   Is it possible to practice in a paradigm where people participate in their healthcare and no, are not shunned and ousted for asking questions?  Is there is a place in healthcare for questioning to even be encouraged, for ownership of our own health to be claimed and empowerment to happen in our lives?  Yes!  I believe there is.

Friends, question everything.  Form your own belief from what you learn and take claim in it.  It will surely be a place of empowerment for you.    The patients that ask me, “Dr. Eller, is it possible…?” bring inspiration and stir excitement in life.   In a world this big and filled with wonder, I personally invite you to also question everything!

Dr. Alethea Eller practices at The Alternative Medicine Center in Chesterfield MO.  For more information go to www.thealternativemedicinecenter.com.