Publisher’s Corner… New Year Brings New Hope?

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the Y2K scare. Now like then, there are many “scare mongers” out there trying to make us believe that the end is near and we are on the edge of the social and economic abyss. But things are looking up for the economy in baby steps. The recession that took it’s toll in 2009 has passed through town like a category 5 twister and now we are beginning to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Even during the tough times, people who lost jobs began their own businesses, helped out at soup kitchens and did the best they could to ride out the storm. Many are still jobless — but the new year brings hope. Without hope there is no recovery. Despair only cripples and immobilizes while hope uplifts and gets you motivated to reconnect. And connect we must all do. During this health care debate, the country has become more divided than ever. Partisan politics is once again the order of the day. And so many people buy into that nonsense from Washington. Why do we allow ourselves to be held emotional captives by such tomfoolery? Why do politicians continue to act like toddlers? It is one thing to stick by your convictions, but it is another thing to disrupt and condemn another point of view simply because it is not your party’s “cup of tea.” We see it from both sides, time and time again. Has this behavior become part of their job description? Are freshman legislators given these marching orders from day one that this is how the game is played in the granite jungle? It certainly appears so. When the health of a nation is kidnapped and held for ransom, perhaps it is time to retool our system. Start with campaign financing reform. Get the special interests out of the pockets of our elected leaders and then see what happens to bipartisanship. Lobbing groups own whole parties, not just individual legislators. Until this happens, there will be no bills passed without bipartisanship and pork barrel payoffs. It may be the way the game is played in Washington, but the last time I checked the people are still wearing the striped shirts and throwing the flags.


The new year does bring some exciting news for Healthy Planet readers. Our magazine can now be read live online at both our host’s website, www.ecolifestl.com and our website www.thehealtlhyplanet.com. Every month you can virtually flip through the pages of each colorful and informative edition. Archived articles will be stored on our website for those wishing to go back months or years to read  something of interest. We hope you enjoy this exciting new version of The Healthy Planet online!


Make a note that the new Bistate Green Expo will be happening January 22 to 24 in Belleville, Illinois. We encourage all our readers to attend this event. For more information see page 3 of this issue.


Our own Natural Living Expo is set for February 28 and we are looking forward to a record crowd. Our February shows always sell out fast and the last few years we have had record crowds. Put it on your calendar and we will see you there. More info this issue.


Happy New Year,           J.B. Lester; Publisher