What Would You Do For A Friend?


A good friend of mine told me about the wife of one of his long-time friends who needs a kidney transplant or she will soon die. She has already had one kidney given to her  years ago from her daughter and now it was time for another. Donated kidneys last about 15 years. Her husband has an unusual anatomy issue and only one viable kidney himself. Things look very dire as the woman is in her early 60s and with past health issues is low on a kidney donor list. My friend told me he had decided to give the woman one of his kidneys. It made for interesting lunch talk as we discussed the many issues surrounding such a serious decision. My friend is in his early 60s as well and luckily for him in good health. In this day and age when it is hard to find many good samaritans, this seems like an incredible act of kindness. I questioned my friend on all the medical issues as he began the donor questionnaires, blood tests, etc. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be able to offer such a gift to the wife of a good friend. I would certainly do it for my immediate family. But where would I draw the line? My friend knows some people might think him crazy, but knowing that the woman would most certainly die without his help … he felt he just had to step up. He tells me that she is one of the nicest people in the world and she would do the same thing for someone else.  He explains that he has been through tough times in his life and people stuck with him. He just wants to give back. And what better thing to give than the gift of life? My friend still has a couple final compatibility tests to take but it looks like his friend’s wife will get her kidney. I can’t help but wonder, what kind of person risks their own life to save the life of another? In war they call them heroes. In the church they call them saints. I just call my friend “One hell of a man!”


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In Good Health,             J.B. Lester; Publisher