Pond-O-Rama: June 26th & 27th

There are many reasons people create water features in their gardens.  They give a sense of serenity and peace with enchanting water movement and sound.  Water lilies, lotus, reeds, rushes and other amazing plants can only be grown in ponds.  Fish, koi and goldfish, become pets for some pond owners. Water gardens can also remedy unsightly or problem wet areas. Water gardens are magnets for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the St. Louis Water Garden Society private water garden tour.  There are twenty nine new water gardens on the tour of fifty five gardens.  Six of the gardens are in Illinois and the rest are in Missouri, from the river to Washington.   Tickets are available at local independent garden centers. A brochure with detailed descriptions of each garden and its location is given to ticket buyers.  For more info and to find places that sell tickets go to the website: