PLANET PET PICKS: Blue Shadow Guarantees To Make You Smile

By Leah O’Donnell

Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor


If you are like me, you might find yourself literally getting the “tail end” of your pet when trying to capture the perfect pictures.  The best way to get fantastic photographs of you, your pets, your family, or all of the above, is to set up a session with blue Shadow Photography.  Dedicated to a casual photography experience, blue Shadow Photography focuses on the needs and wants of their customers-both human and animal.  This is why they are my Planet Pet Pick for July.  Photographers, Steven Tharp and Kathy Broderick focus on capturing the true essence of your family and pets.  The duo started out doing only pet photography five years ago after the loss of their beloved dogs, Blue and Shadow.  “We were so grateful to have so many wonderful pictures of our two dogs, that we felt others would want the same for their companions.  Turns out we were right.  We love animals and believe this shows in the care and attention we give to each of our animal clients and their companions,” said Steven and Kathy.  They have since expanded to include photography for the entire family.   They also offer architectural photography services for interior designers, commercial real estate developers, and event photography.  Whatever kind of photos you need, blue Shadow Photography can make it happen.

The relaxed approach by blue Shadow Photography definitely sets them apart.  A typical session is set up to allow plenty of time for their clients to become comfortable with them and the studio environment.  This is essential when working with small children and pets.  Steven and Kathy have found that the casual approach allows for the best photos.  When you set up your session, you have exclusive access to the studio so you don’t feel rushed.  You also have the option of choosing a location you desire such as your home or a favorite park.  The session includes unlimited poses, wardrobe changes, elegant lighting, and the focus is completely on the client.  Steven and Kathy have a clean and simple style that makes for breathtaking photos.   I love that they offer clients the opportunity to actually view some of the photos taken as the session unfolds.  I know from experience how helpful this can be to keep young children interested in the process.  Within two weeks of the session, clients are invited back to the studio to enjoy refreshments and view all the images on blue Shadow Photography’s digital projection system.  The photography session is an enjoyable experience, but kicking back to view the results on a giant screen is the icing on the cake.   The passion of Steven and Kathy is apparent when you see your pets, children, and other family members personalities come out in the photos taken.

When I asked Steven what he likes best about his job he replied, “Seeing tears well up in a new mother’s eyes when she sees her child’s images, or the laughter of a pet owner when they see an image of their companion that completely captures their essence.”  The dedication and laid back approach at blue Shadow Photography will provide you with treasured photos and an unforgettable, fun experience.  This small, independent studio started as a pet photography studio before it became fashionable.  Steven and Kathy love animals and the special bond that exists between a human and its companion.  Their motto of ‘professional service with a casual approach’ sets them apart and provides stunning results.  Blue Shadow Photography even offers a money-back guarantee.  So relax, have your pets or family enjoy the photo fun, or be in the pictures instead of taking them, and contact blue Shadow Photography today.  Set up your photo session or find out more about blue Shadow Photography by calling Steve Tharp at 314-605-4475 or Kathy Broderick at 314-781-1483.  You can also visit their web site at www.blueshadowpics.com.