Missouri Coalition For The Environment Seeks Recipes For Vegetarian Cookbook

By Peggy Hermes


The Missouri Coalition for the Environment is planning to issue a cookbook as a fundraiser and as a resource for great vegetarian and vegan eating. We’re seeking recipes from MCE members and other friends of the Coalition. Even guilt-ridden omnivores (like me) have great vegan and vegetarian recipes to share!


We want to make this the best community cookbook ever, the tastiest source for eating green, AND the mo$t $ucce$$ful fundrai$er the Coalition has ever produced! We need YOUR help and the help of your friends and relatives (what about Grandma’s recipe for vegan Hoppin’ John?) and any Missouri celebrities you know!


Send up to three recipes formatted as follows: • Categorize each recipe, as in Appetizer, Bread & Breakfast, Soup, Salad, Entrée, Side Dish, Dessert, or Cookie. • Title each recipe. • Classify each as vegetarian or vegan and/or add a note as to how to alter the recipe if it can be either (for example, substituting a soy product for cheese). • Note if the recipe is gluten-free.• State the number of servings. • State whether the recipe can be doubled, tripled, etc. • List ingredients and specify measurements/amounts. • State directions in complete sentences, including cooking temperatures and times (Assume nothing!). • Add a brief comment as to the origin of or your experience with the recipe – personalize your submission. • State name of contributor or “Anonymous” if you don’t want your name to appear.


Please send all entries or inquiries to Peggy Hermes at hermes.margaret@gmail.com with Cookbook as the subject.


Start culling your recipe files — and thank you!