Medical Thermography OF Metro St. Louis Inc.

– Early Detection Health Screening


What is it? Medical Thermography (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) is a non-invasive health screening procedure that offers individuals the opportunity to be informed of inflammation, vascular change, lymph activity and abnormal physiologic function within their bodies.  Using thermography is another means by which one can monitor their health and overall wellness.


Thermographic evaluation is helpful for Breast Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, External Carotid Insufficiency, Internal Carotid Insufficiency, Lupus, Neuropathy, Neuritis, Reynaud’s, Referred Pain Syndrome, Stroke Screening and much more.


Thermography is FDA approved and endorsed by the United Breast Cancer Foundation as an adjunctive breast health screening procedure.  DITI is the only screening currently available for early detection of inflammatory breast cancer.  DITI establishes a baseline thermal “finger print” unique to each woman and looks for changes over time.


Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis Inc.  is a mobile clinic with several satellite locations in the metro St. Louis area.  Medical Thermography is a “Meditherm” clinic.  Meditherm is the industry leader with the largest network of users world wide.  Our scans are interpreted by licensed and board certified medical doctors who are also board certified medical thermologists.  Meditherm stores client files permanently making all files available for review, interpretation and comparison regardless of which Meditherm clinic, worldwide, takes the scans.


While “DITI” is not typically covered by most insurance companies, it is surprisingly affordable for most.  Empower yourself by adding “DITI” to your healthcare routine for proactive prevention.


February special!  Carotid artery/thyroid scan for $125.  Breast scans $150.  Get both for $250. (A $75 savings)


Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis Inc.