‘Meat & Greet’ Area Farmers At Sappinton Farmers’ Market Nov. 11-13

By Nancy Smith, Board Member

Farm to Family Naturally


Because of its climate and topography, Missouri is uniquely suited to farms which raise livestock.   Naturally-raised pork and beef without any hormones or antibiotics are available in abundance from conscientious local farmers.  100% grass-fed beef and poultry are also found in Missouri.  The difference in taste, nutrition and quality of these fresh farm products is undeniable.

As Sappington Farmers’ Market has brought more and more natural, pasture-grazed, 100% grassfed, hormone and antibiotic-free meats to the St. Louis area, we’ve had the privilege of meeting many of the wonderful farmers who raise the pork, beef, chicken, turkey and trout we offer for sale.  We think the families who shop in our store would also like the opportunity to meet these farmers and ask questions about how the animals are raised.  So, on November 11, 12 and 13, Sappington Farmers’ Market is sponsoring a special “Meat and Greet” event in the store. Customers will have the opportunity to meet the farmers and sample their wonderful products as they shop the store for great local foods.

This past year, SFM has added two suppliers of 100% grass-fed beef.  Angel Acres is a small family-owned farm located in East Central Missouri.  They have a small herd of Belted Galloway cattle that are 100% pasture-raised in a peaceful environment.  The folks at Angel Acres believe that the combination of the Belted Galloway breed and grass feeding produces beef with superior taste and nutritional qualities.

The Wiggins family of Shepherd’s Ridge Farms near my hometown of Doniphan, MO. raise cattle on a 100% grass-fed diet. Their cattle feast on well-managed pasture and drink from spring-fed streams.

For those who prefer the increased tenderness that grain finishing provides, Missouri’s Best Beef Cooperative provides delicious beef under the Ranchers’ All-Natural label.  Their beef is raised in the central Ozarks according to a strict protocol, producing beef “the way it used to taste.”

Reisner Ranch has discovered the secret of producing incredibly tender cuts of beef using all-natural methods.  Their cattle never receive any hormones or antibiotics.

Todd Geisert Farms in Washington, MO, is a fifth-generation farm that raises hogs the old-fashioned way.  They provide excellent conditions for all their pigs and the care they give their animals translates into good old-fashioned flavor and tenderness.  Sample some of Todd’s delicious pork products like bratwurst, pork burgers, sausage, bacon or fresh pork products.  Todd’s pork is also hormone and antibiotic-free.

Westover Farms raises trout in crystal-clear streams near Salem, MO.  Both whole trout and trout filets are available.  Westover’s undeniably fresh trout is an incredible gourmet treat.

The best way to discover the quality difference in the meats these family farmers provide is to come to the Meat and Greet at Sappington Farmers’ Market on November 11, 12 and 13 and feast on the samples throughout the store.

Sappington Farmers’ Market is located at 8400 Watson Rd, between Elm Ave. & Laclede Sta. Rd.