Massage: Much More Than Just a ‘Treat’

By Angie Smith


Did you know that scientific studies have shown massage therapy to provide many more health benefits than just relaxation?

A new study suggests that massage not only relaxes the body, but also boosts the immune system and prompts beneficial hormone changes.  A clinical trial done by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles demonstrated that even a single session showed marked physiological changes.  The study indicated that massage can actually help you avoid getting a cold or other illness while under stress.

Another study completed in 2008 indicated that massage is effective for chronic back pain that isn’t responding to conventional medical care.

So, if you are feeling like massage is simply a luxury or a “treat” for yourself, think again.  You are providing yourself with lasting, scientifically proven, health benefits.

Here are some other benefits of

massage therapy:

• Reduces pain, muscle spasms,

cramping, and swelling.

• Reduces fatigue.

• Improves circulation of blood

and movement of lymph fluids.

• Enhances athletic performance.

• Lessens depression.

• Enhances sleep.

• Improves concentration.

• Helps relieve mental stress.

• Reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

• Increases joint mobility and

range of motion.

• Promotes tissue regeneration thus reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.

• Enhances skin health.

• Improves posture.

• Satisfies the need

for caring and

nurturing touch.

It’s important to seek out the services of a licensed massage therapist, as she/he is trained to provide the most effective and safest treatment.   To determine if a massage therapist is licensed, visit the Missouri Division of Professional Registration at www.pr.mo.gov.  Under the “online services” menu, select “licensee search”.

Massage is an important piece of your health care. Getting a massage is much more than just pampering yourself, it’s providing lasting health benefits.   To provide even greater health benefits, scheduling regular massages can increase the length of time the benefits last.

Angie Smith is a licensed massage therapist at Holistic Fitness, in Shrewsbury.  She provides intuitive massage and includes the following modalities in her treatments:  Reflexology, Deep Touch, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Shiatsu.  Call her today for an appointment at 314-647-3999.