Maintaining Spiritual Wellness

A simple definition of spiritual wellness is: the natural state of harmony and balance within the body, mind and spirit.  This natural state is innate. What is spiritual wellness? Do you believe this is a pivotal component to the treatment of illness?

Thinking in terms of physical health is common for most of us.   Diet, rest, exercise are often the main topics when considering physical health.

There is another facet that is a key requirement for overall health. That is seeing how your emotional health and spiritual health work together. These elements are absolutely vital for preventive and holistic medical treatment.

There is research today that is revealing the need to examine our spiritual strengths and look at our beliefs.  The reports are saying with out a doubt addressing spiritual care is a key ingredient for maintaining a healthy life.

This subject is often overlooked. Now is the time to open the door to these types of discussions.


Come join us for a challenging look at your spiritual strengths. Discuss with us ways to maintain a healthy balance in body, mind and spirit. Learn to identify some of the elements that are blocking your spiritual health.  Learn some techniques that can increase your energy and calm your mind.

Hear leading edge information on this topic.

When: February 23, 2010 at 6:30 -7:30 pm.

Where: Prevention and Healing, Inc. (Office of Dr. Simon Yu)

10908 Schuetz Rd. St. Louis, Mo. 63146

The inquiry will be lead by Paul Johnson, Chaplain

And Mary Francis Hoffman MTP, CHTP, RYT please call to reserve your spot.

314-443-0206, or email mblest@yahoo.com