Living Green at The New Town St. Charles

The New Town at St. Charles is building a strong reputation as a prime example of a true Green Community. New Town is currently home to over 1,000 families who have made a conscious choice to live a healthier lifestyle in an environment that accommodates that desire. Conceived by Greg Whittaker, designed by the esteemed town-planning firm of Duany, Plater-Zyberk & Company and constructed by Whittaker Homes, New Town is recognized as one of the premier new urbanism projects nationwide. One of the key principles of new urbanism places the emphasis on the pedestrian rather than the automobile, which makes a commitment to reducing carbon emissions a genuinely obtainable goal.


At a time when everybody is jumping on the green bandwagon, it’s hard to differentiate between institutions making a sincere effort and those taking advantage of the latest advertising buzzword. It’s easy to get lost in the hype and rhetoric coming from companies that seem to be more concerned with perception than any actual conservation.

The construction industry is not immune to these trends and a lot of homebuilders are now promoting themselves as green. Any real effort to build a more environmentally friendly home is of course appreciated, but if these homes are built in communities that still requires the use of an automobile, for every need both practical and recreational, then how much of a positive impact is it really having?  How green can these communities be when automobiles currently account for over half of CO2 emissions produced by the average household?


On any given day in New Town you will find multitudes of people out walking, riding bikes or kayaking on any one of the numerous lakes and canals that wind throughout the community. Thousand of trees adorn the abundant parks and green spaces that are all within easy walking distance from home. In summertime the amphitheatre hosts outdoor movie nights and music festivals. New Town is also home to several churches, a fitness-center, and a grocery store as well as many shops and restaurants. There are a wide variety of services in town offering everything from dry cleaning to fresh eggs and the New Town Organic Farm represents another example of a real effort to provide from within the community. Of course this all translates to less time commuting in the car and more time enjoying a healthy, happy life.


If New Town living sounds good to you, Whittaker Homes is offering special pricing rolled back to 2003 as part of their “25 in 25” sales promotion. To learn more call 636-949-2700 or visit www.newtownatstcharles.com