INFLAMMATION NATION: Linking Obesity, Depression and Fatigue

The St. Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine (SLiiM) announces its second annual, symposium focusing on prevention, wellness and finding the root cause for patient-disease states.

“Inflammation Nation: Linking Obesity, Depression and Fatigue” will be held on November 5, 2011 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Purser Center on the campus of Logan College. More than 250 attendees including physicians, nurses, chiropractors, and physician assistants, as well as patients concerned with their overall health are expected to attend.

The symposium brings together a panel of experts to present the latest findings in the areas of inflammation, obesity, depression and fatigue; links between inflammation and its relationship to food and movement; and lifestyle support.

Christopher Link, M.D., will lead, “The Fire Within: Inflammation, the Preventable Cause of Chronic Illness.”  While inflammation is essential to healing, it is also a major causative in most chronic diseases. Heart disease and stroke, brain diseases, autoimmune diseases and diabetes, all stem from excess inflammation.. Link will discuss the mechanisms underlying inflammation and fundamentals of therapy.

One of the top complaints heard is “I’m so exhausted.” Rodger Murphree, D.C., will explain why deep restorative sleep is key for optimal energy, why correcting adrenal function is imperative for rebuilding stamina, why proper thyroid function is a must, how certain drugs can cause lethargy, and why losing weight puts the spring back in your step.

There are many features of depression, yet it is risky to diagnose by just a common list of symptoms. During “Depression is Not a Prozac Deficiency,” Terry Guiley, D.O., will encourage attendees to consider that depression and other “mental” illnesses are a manifestation of a body out of balance.

Poppy Daniels, M.D., will present “Fighting the Flames of Obesity.” The food supply has become pro-inflammatory with the inundation of refined products, processed foods and artificial ingredients.  Hormone imbalance and stress are frequent causes of insulin resistance and weight gain. Gut dysfunction and toxic burden often contribute to a sluggish metabolism.  Daniels will teach a successful, integrated approach to weight loss.

SLiiM is a society of medical professionals who are solely concerned with prevention, wellness and finding the root cause for patient disease states. Its expertise encompasses a variety of medical disciplines and SLiiM prides itself on treating the patient, not the disease. For information on the symposium or to order tickets, visit: www.sliim.org.